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Episode 6: Preparing for a new arrival

Sarah and Simon Taylor

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This time Baby on Board meets the Taylor family from Finea, Co. Westmeath.

Simon has a 9 year old daughter from a previous relationship, Sophie. Although 22 month old Zebedee gets on well with her, Sarah and Simon are concerned about how he will react to the arrival of a new baby. Zebedee is at creche for the three days that Sarah works but during the rest of the week he is used to undivided attention from Mum. Sarah is certain that the arrival of a new baby will upset Zebedee's world.

To ease the fears in the Taylor household, Doreen Buckley advised Sarah on the birth and gave some tips on managing Zebedee.

Also, with Zebedee growing more active and mobile - and Sarah due any day - Doreen gave the family tips on how to make their rural home safe for children. The plan is to build a levy at the back of the property, which will prevent any more flooding to the area. The landscaping team also suggested a raised lawn where the children can play safely.

Sarah gave birth to baby Stella on the 6th May 2007.








Simon and Sarah with Sophie and Zebedee
Baby Stella
Baby Stella
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