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Episode 4: Sleep & Nutrition

Irina, Konstantin, Anna & Nikita Malenyuk

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Moses Basket:

Be aware of sharp ends and make sure that baby's fingers cannot be crushed between hard handles and basket. There should only be one piece of material covering sides and floor of basket.


  • Must have a minimum depth of 23" / 59cm.
  • The round bars should not be more than 2.36" / 6cm apart.
  • Flat bar no more than 2.9" / 7.5cm apart.
  • Gap between mattress base and side should not be more than 1" / 2.5cm
  • Cot mattress should fit well.
  • If your Cot has wheels you must be able to lock at least 2 wheels.
  • Babies under a year do not need pillows.
  • Keep cot away from heaters, windows and flex from lamps etc.
  • Sleep your baby on their back
  • Place baby to sleep with feet to foot of cot
  • Don't allow baby to get too warm

Do not smoke near a baby
Do not share a bed with your baby if you are a smoker, have consumed alcohol, drugs or medication that might make you drowsy.

Grow Bag:

When the baby is 11 lbs + in weight the SIDS recommend that the safest way to sleep a baby at night is in a grow bag. A grow bag is designed to be used instead of blankets and top sheets. In cooler temperatures layer extra clothing such as a pair of socks and an additional long sleeved top.

Remember to check your baby to make sure he/she is not too hot or cold. It is normal for your baby's hand to feel cool as long as the stomach area is warm. If in any doubt please consult your health professional. Do not ever cover the baby's head with a hat.


Tips for avoiding sleep problems

  • Follow a regular predictable daily routine. This is the single most important measure you can take.
  • Wait until baby is tired to put him down for bed. You've probably seen the signs: eye rubbing, irritability, yawning. You can't force your baby to sleep. On the other hand, don't wait until your baby is over tired and unable to sleep.
  • Follow a regular, predictable bedtime routine. After a bath, rocking, stories and a little snuggling, put your baby down sleepy but awake. While it's tempting don't rock your baby to sleep at bedtime. Otherwise, he'll again need your services when he wakes in the middle of the night.
  • Develop good sleep associations. Give your baby a favourite blanket or a pacifier, or play a lullaby cassette tape. If your baby's sleep associations are portable, your baby will be able to soothe himself to sleep anywhere - with or without you.
  • Use white noise. Some babies sleep better with a vaporizer or fan running. White noise works because it blocks out other sounds and it soothes babies to sleep. You can also turn a radio on quietly between two AM stations. Eventually white noise can be faded out.
  • Place a cloth next to your skin during feeding - then put near baby so that they have the reassuring familiar smell of your body
  • Blackout lining for curtains from the first night home








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