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Episode 4: Sleep & Nutrition

Development from 8 - 9 months:

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  1. Sits alone for 10 mins on the floor
  2. Can lean forward to pick up a toy without losing balance
  3. Attempts to crawl - sometimes succeeds
  4. Pulls to stand holding onto a stool for a few moments but cannot lower himself


  1. Very attentive to people and objects
  2. Stretches out to grasp a small toy when offered - passes wooden block from hand to hand turning it over
  3. Grasps string between finger and thumb to pull toy towards him
  4. Can release toy by dropping it
  5. Looks in the correct direction for fallen toys

Hearing and speech:

  1. Very attentive to everyday sounds and voice
  2. Shouts to attract attention - listens - then shouts again
  3. Babbles - dad dad mam mam - very tuneful

Social and play

  1. Understand no no bye bye
  2. Plays handclapping
  3. Holds out a toy to give to adult but cannot yet give it into adults palm
  4. Finds toy partially hidden under cushion

In development terms - a good toy is one that is challenging to the mind and skills of a child and appropriate to the age.

  • Small amount of toys chosen for their interest value rather than cost. All a child is interested in is what can I do with it and what can it do for me.
  • Empty boxes give hours of fun
  • Learning parts of body - eyes, ear, nose and chin i.e. Mammy will wash your hands.
  • Point things in picture books
  • Grading kitchen pots, sorting shapes and matching shoes.


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