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Episode 4: Sleep & Nutrition

Irina, Konstantin, Anna & Nikita Malenyuk

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Irina and Konstantin Malenyuk have been married for 9 years and moved to Ireland from their native Russia 2002 with a wish to start a new life and a family. They chose to settle in Carrigallen, a quiet little village on the Leitrim - Cavan border where, only a few weeks ago, they moved into a brand new house.

Irina gave birth to twins on 23rd August 2006 in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda. Anna and her brother Nikita were born 60 seconds apart.

Both parents have to work fulltime in order to retain their VISA's - but with two babies childcare soon became a huge issue. Irina came up with a plan: she organised for different family members from Russia to come over on 3 month VISA's to mind Anna and Nikita. Her mother and father have come and gone and right now, Konstantin's dad, Nikolay, is midway through his 3-month stint.

Since the twins were born - 9 months ago - Anna and Nikita have never slept through the night plus Irina and Konstantin sleep apart! Doreen moves the twins from two separate rooms into the one, offers advise on putting babies to sleep and tips on the best bed covers for the babies.

Irina and Konstantin also rely solely on processed food for Anna and Nikita and blame long working hours and lack of information for not cooking fresh food. Doreen hopes she can help the couple resolve their insecurities. A Nutritionist is brought in to advice Irina on the best fresh products to buy and shows her some easy meals to create for the twins.

We also get to follow the family as they prepare and attend the twins Orthodox Christening.








Irina and Konstantin with Anna & Nikita
Irina and Konstantin with Anna & Nikita
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