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Episode 3: Breastfeeding

Peter's Development from 0 - 3 months:

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  1. Pulled to sit - little or no head lag
  2. Held sitting - back is straight except in lumbar region
  3. Holds head erect and steady for several seconds before bobbing forwards
  4. Placed prone - lifts head and upper chest well up in midline using forearms to support
  5. Held standing with feet on hard surface. Sags at knees.


  1. Follows moving ball in horizontal plane
  2. Follows moving ball in vertical plane
  3. Holds toy but cannot yet co-ordinate hand and eyes - may move rattle towards his face bashing his chin
  4. Watches movement of own hands before face and engages finger play
  5. Recognises feeding bottle and makes eager welcoming movements as it approaches face.
Hearing and speech:
  1. Sudden loud noises still distress provoking blinking, screwing up face - crying and turning away.
  2. Vocalises delightedly when spoken to, also when alone.
  3. Quietens to sound of spoon in a cup at 6-12" on level with ear.
  4. May turn eyes or head towards sound source
  5. Sucks or licks lips in response to sounds of preparation for feeding
Social and play
  1. Fixes eyes on mothers face when feeding
  2. now enjoys bath and caring routines
  3. Peek a boo - helps a baby to learn that Mammy is still there even if she can't be seen.
  4. Where's teddy - helps a baby to learn when something is moved it can be found by looking for it.
  5. Stimulated or neglected
  6. quiet and understanding child - "good child"
    demanding child - compels his parents to stimulate him

Children need structured stimulation to develop their talents.


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