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Episode 3: Breastfeeding

Bethan, Michael and Peter

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Bethan and Michael have been married a few years but have known each other since college. Their first child, Peter was born in February of this year. Bethan is blind and has been since birth but it is difficult to detect this in her presence as she is such an excellent communicator.

Another important member of this family is Nicki, Bethan's guide dog. Bethan has had Nicki for 8 years and sadly will have to have her replaced with a new guide dog next year.

We follow Bethan and Michael from before she gives birth, to visiting them at the Coombe when Peter is born and following them back to their first night at home with Peter.

When Michael goes back to work we follow Bethan, Peter and Nicki on the Luas to her workplace to meet her colleagues and see Peter for the first time.

Doreen gave advice to the couple pre birth, labour and the role of partners. When Peter was born Doreen also advised Bethan on breastfeeding.

A guide dog expert was brought in to advice Bethan on how to integrate Nicki and the new arrival, baby Peter.








Bethan and Michael
Bethan and Michael
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