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Episode 2: Separation Anxiety

Alicia's Development from 18 months:

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Speech and vision:

  1. Encourage child to speak clearly and not use gestures
  2. Repeat what the child has attempted to say so child can hear the words clearly
  3. Constant use of soothers hinders speech development
  4. Important not to make the child anxious by insisting that he speaks correctly
  5. Why, what, where, when - try not to be impatient answering - reward will be a happier and brighter child
  6. Early drawing - essential as a preparation for learning to write and also scribbling
  7. Scrapbooks - photos, postcards etc
  8. Colour - red for a week
  9. Builds a tower of 4-6 blocks
  10. Books - turns pages several times
  11. 20 words and understands a lot more
  12. Nursery rhymes - sings
  13. Identifies names toys in a learning test
  14. Recognises familiar adults in a photo
  15. Puts two or more words together to form a sentence
  16. Talks to self continually as he plays
  17. Shows correctly - hair, eyes, nose, ears etc
  18. Carries out simple instructions - tell Daddy tea is ready
  19. Spoon feeds without spilling
  20. Lifts and replaces cup safely
  21. Simple pretend play
  22. Plays near others but not with them
  23. Kicks large ball gently
  24. Pushes and pulls large toys
  25. Squats to rest or play and rises to feet without using hands
  26. Climbs on furniture


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