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Episode 2: Separation Anxiety

Sinead and Alicia

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Sinead Kavanagh is a single Mum living in Navan, Co. Meath with her 18 month old daughter Alicia.

With very little support Sinead has brought Alicia up on her own. Sinead had to leave her last full time job to take care of Alicia and has put herself through college by night to train as a holistic reflexologist.

As she is now fully qualified and in the process of setting up her own reflexology business she will be putting Alicia into a nearby crèche three days a week.

We follow Sinead as she makes plans for her new business as well as seeing how she copes with Alicia being at crèche for the first time.

There will be inevitable 'separation anxiety' as Sinead has been with Alicia every day since she was born 24/7.

Doreen offers advice on separation anxiety, tips on how to pick the right crèche and development of a toddler.

An expert is brought in to offer advice on setting up a new business, the business plan and suggestions on how to make it work.








Sinead and Alicia
Sinead and Alicia
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