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Episode 1: Premature babies

Amelia Daly

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Tonight Doreen meets parents Mandy Daly and John McDermot from Bray, Co Wicklow whose life was turned upside down when their first baby Amelia was born 14 weeks early weighing just 1lb leaving Mandy's career on hold late last year.

Mandy and John have been together for over two and a half years and baby Amelia was born on the 8th October 2006. Mandy calls Amelia her 'miracle baby' as Amelia was born after just 26 weeks weighing 1Ib. Amelia spent the first 11 weeks in hospital and came home on Christmas Eve.

Mandy was working fulltime before Amelia was born and became house bound for months with Amelia being so delicate and on a breathing monitor 24/7 for her lung disease. We organise for the couple to break away for a night at a Lodge & Spa whilst Doreen babysits Amelia.

As a 'miracle baby' Amelia has a unique set of problems associated with premature birth and her parents, who have not had a night off for four months, are concerned at the lack of support as Amelia's condition means she cannot be even left in a crèche or with an untrained child-minder.

Mandy found that there was very little advice and information out there from parents of premature babies once you leave the hospital and welcomed Doreens advice. Areas that were dealt with were: guidelines on taking care of a premature baby and what it involves, childcare for premature babies, going back to work.

A Nanny expert was brought in to offer advice and affordable solutions for Mandy with regards to her wanting to start back to work in the future.








John and Mandy with Amelia
John and Mandy with Amelia
Baby on Board
Amelia in incubator
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