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Ireland's Fittest Family

Ireland's Fittest Family is back!Have you and your family got what it takes to win?

Series 3 is going to be much bigger than ever before, with more heartbreak, joy, grunting, shouting, panting and general breathlessness! We are searching the country to find the fittest, fastest, strongest families to enter Ireland's most extreme fitness competition.

Do you think thats you and your family? Does your family have what it takes to win the ¤15k cash prize and be crowned Ireland's Fittest Family 2015? If so, then apply now!!

  • Minimum age is 14 years old on July 1st 2015
  • There must be a minimum of one parent and one male & one female on a team
  • Each family will be comprised of four immediate members - e.g. Grandparents/ Parents/ Children/ Step-Children
  • . Series will be shot June - September 2015

For online Application Form!

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