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At Your Service is an eight part series on RTÉ One presented by expert hoteliers Francis and John Brennan from the 5 star Park Hotel Kenmare. They'll be giving business makeovers to a selection of B & B's, guesthouses and small hotels throughout Ireland that need urgent help with a range of different problems. The Brennans bring years of experience of running a successful hotel and they hope to inspire others to up their game and bring in new business.

The Brennans' advice covers all areas; they look at staffing, analyse catering arrangements and suggest new menus, they inspect every room and advise about redecoration (both inside and out) and they look for new ways to exploit the less obvious assets of each property.

Francis Brennan conducts the main inspection and devises an overall strategy. His brother John looks at money issues, explores new marketing opportunities and suggests ways to develop in the future.

However, it's no easy challenge given strong competition from new hotel chains and the economic recession. The owners themselves have also to be convinced that the Brennans' ideas are in their best interests and worth investing in.


At Your Service
At Your Service