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Episode 6: Lucy Kennedy

Monday 25th June 2007

John Fitzgerald has made countless millions from his video conferencing company and is now keen to expand his empire.

Firstly, he wants to set up an Irish themed strip troupe called Celtic Babes and thus hits the streets of Dublin for a spot of recruitment. He tells the belles of Dublin that it's like 'Riverdance in a G-String' but it's all to little avail as he fails to get one girl to sign up. Then he wants to set up a lads mag and goes about a bit of market research, asking the men of Dublin what they'd want from such a mag.

Off the street and set to pull off her big stunt, without Jason in her ear, Lucy has a real challenge. Firstly she has to convince Podge and Rodge's manager, Ronan McCabe, that the two bachelors should leave Ballydung Manor and join his new comedy porn channel. Then if that wasn't tricky enough, with the help of Louis Walsh she has to recruit her own manager, Joanne Byrne, to help him organize an 80th birthday party in 'a castle in Eire' for his dear old Mum.











Lucy Kennedy as 'John Fitzgerald' with Joanne Byrne
Lucy Kennedy as 'John Fitzgerald' with Joanne Byrne