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Episode 5: Keith Barry

Monday 18th June 2007

Keith Barry tries his hand at a different form of magic - convincing Dubliners that he's a spiritual guru from India!

This week on Anonymous, magician Keith Barry becomes Indian spiritual guru, Kavi Shergill. Complete with his own website we have created quite the back-story for Keith and his esoteric alter ego. From his early days in India, through to hanging out with The Beatles and on to becoming a global phenomenon via his self help and motivational guides, we felt it was high time Kavi came to Ireland.

Thus, armed with a wig and a brand new face, Kavi set about recruiting the good people of Dun Laoghaire to sign up for his first ever "Release Your Inner Tiger" Irish workshop. It's fair to say the average man in the street wasn't rushing to sign up to Kavi's way of life - so it was just as well Kavi had a few tricks up his sleeve. That afternoon, Kavi pierced his tongue, hypnotized a gerbil, robbed a bike and chased Keith's own mother through Dun Laoghaire whilst she threatened to call the guards on him, mostly in an effort to gather some recruits to his workshop.

Luckily for Kavi,  the Anonymous team had a back up plan, so when his recruitment drive failed to gather the hordes, we still had a few suspects ready to attend the great man's workshop. Amongst the sales people we'd recruited from the world of business, we also invited along Brenda O'Donoghue from Derek Mooney's Radio One show to report on Kavi and his mysterious, magical ways.











Keith Barry, mid makeover
Keith Barry, mid makeover