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Episode 4: Pamela Flood

Monday 11th June 2007

This week on Anonymous TV presenter and general fashionista Pamela Flood gets turned into Doreen Prendergast, a posh auld one from Foxrock, complete with an ostensibly talentless teenage daughter who wants to be a celebrity.

To get Pam used to her new identity we sent her to Doreen's natural habitat, Grafton Street, where Jason puts her up to all sorts of mischief. Next, the Anonymous team invents a spoof pilot TV show called "Boomtown Brats," about well-heeled D4 kids who want to become celebrities but whose parents don't approve. Enter Doreen's very own Boomtown Brat, her 16-year-old daughter Susan as a candidate for the show.

Thus, it comes to pass that celebrity hairdresser Gary Kavanagh, VIP Publisher, Michael O'Doherty and Pam's own co-host, Caroline Morahan appear on the show to impart their pearls of wisdom to Doreen and Susan as they embark on their road to fame.

Tune in and see how these three showbiz consultants cope when Doreen and Susan argue bitterly. Will Michael O'Doherty remain cool when Jason emerges from the wings? Does Caroline cop that the over bearing Doreen is in fact her co-presenter?











Paddy, Ken and Jason Byrne