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Episode 3: Patrick Kielty

Monday 4th June 2007

To date on Anonymous we've turned women into men, a pop diva into a nun, a pop star into a cabbie and a snooker champion into a priest so on this week's show we decided it was time to raise the bar. We're turning a bloke into a woman as we transform Patrick Kielty into New York TV reporter, Betty Silverman.

With a whole new bag of problems, from adam's apples and hairy hands to a deep voice and dangly bits, our crack fx team set about turning Paddy into a convincing woman who could walk the streets of Belfast with her head held high, and once she'd done that be able to sit down and interview some of the north's political leaders. Easy, eh?

In the first part of the show we see Betty engaging with the good people of Belfast as she sets about making her PBS documentary, 'The Troubles With Comedy'. She interviews people about what defines a northern sense of humour and tries to find out who's funnier, Catholics or Protestants. She records her video diary by trees planted in honour of Cliff Richard and Cannon & Ball, announces 'she wants Mickey' outside the Disney store and gets shirty with a man selling vibrating pillows all of which helps Paddy make the crossover from man to woman, albeit a slightly draggy looking one who may have had one too many cigarettes in her day.

Once Betty came back in from the streets of Belfast we thought there'd be no better way for Paddy to relax with his new face, wig, tights, bra and dress then to sit opposite and grill some of the North's political representatives. Always known for their easier going gentle style we thought if any people could explain the northern sense of humour surely Paul Maskey (Sinn Fein), John Dallat (SDLP) and David Ervine (PUP)* would be the very men, and just in case they couldn't we asked UTV continuity supreme Julian Simmons along too.

So did Paddy fool them? Did the men of Ulster raise their red hand mid way through or did they carry on regardless?











Paddy, Ken and Jason Byrne