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The Actors: Conor Mullen

Conor Mullen on playing the insensitive Nicky Nolan

"Nicky Nolan is a successful banker working in Cape Town making a fortune. His job requires that he travels back and forth to Dublin. Everything is going really well for Nicky."

"His relationship with Ruth is one he completely takes for granted. He thinks that she's really landed on her feet to come across him. He is completely irresponsible. He has brought her over from Ireland then refuses to let her move in with him. He is so wrapped up in himself he doesn't really take her seriously."

"Nicky's not normally the type of guy to feel threatened. He's a typical 'Alpha Male' but when he witnesses and intimate moment from afar between Neil and Ruth he doesn't know how to handle it and gets out of the situation as quickly as possible. What I like about Nicky is that he's fun - he's flash and says and behaves in ways that we all kind of recognise but would never do."

Conor Mullen's film credits include 'The Honeymooners' directed by Karl Golden, 'Puckoon' directed by Terence Ryan and 'Saltwater' directed by Conor MacPherson. His recent TV roles include JP O'Farrell in 'Proof ', DCI Patrick Goddard in 'Murder Prevention', Lieut. Walker in 'Island of War' and Aiden Doherty in the recent RTÉ/BBC co-production, 'Rough Diamond'.

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