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About Maeve Binchy's Anner House

Maeve Binchy's Anner House is a romantic story of dreams and aspirations.

Set in Cape Town, and based on a short story by Maeve Binchy, Maeve Binchy's Anner House is the story of Ruth, an Irish émigré, and Neil, an Irishman who is struggling to put his life back together after the collapse of his marriage.

Flora Montgomery is Ruth Maguire, an assistant hotel manager. Ruth came to South Africa to be with Nicky, played by Conor Mullen, her boyfriend of many years who will neither commit to a future with her, nor let her go.

Liam Cunningham plays Neil Barry, a man who is struggling to come to terms with his new life. He has just come through a bitter divorce and custody battle, which was further complicated by his alcoholism, and has something to prove to his family, and to himself.

Ruth has a dream; to run a small hotel. When she discovers an old Cape Dutch house in the hills, she decides to take the plunge. She offers Neil the job of renovating the house, which he gladly accepts. With something to prove to themselves, and anxious to build their new lives, they begin to build their friendship, and their business.

Life is never that straightforward however, and Neil and Ruth both have to deal with their pasts before they can concentrate on their futures. With Nicky finally offering Ruth everything she thought she always wanted, and Neil's young sons having been sent to Cape Town by their mother, all isn't about to run smoothly. Neil and Ruth are left with some life changing decisions to make, before their futures, and Anner House can fully take flight.

Anner House was produced by LittleBird for RTÉ. It was adapted for the screen by Ann Marie Casey, and directed by Stephen Burke.

Anner House