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In the final episode of the series Robbie and Tony struggle with a horse who doesn't want to be rescued. The Dublin duo spend seven hours trying to get a stubborn sick horse into a horse-box.

In Galway Janine lays down the law for some neglected dogs.

Harry has to be tough in Kerry when he finds a dog owner has tried to dock a dog's tail by cruelly putting a rubber band on it's tail.

And Ted walks into danger at a Cork farm when a nervous Alsatian catches him by surprise.

Series Two of Animal Rescue continues to follow the work of animal welfare inspectors in Dublin, Kerry, Galway and Cork as they travel the highways and byways of Ireland investigating cases of animal cruelty and rescuing sick or injured animals.

The six part series shadows the inspectors of the Societies for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCAs), fly on the wall style, as they go about their daily work.

From snakes to horses, the SPCAs deal with every type of animal including domestic pets, farm animals, birds and wildlife. The team work tirelessly to improve conditions for animals in Ireland be they furry, feathered or scaly!

Another rescue
Another rescue