22nd October

Prog 7

• Palladian Restoration

• Safe House

• Flat Roof Extension

• Open Plan Design


Work is continuing to progress when Duncan arrives down at Ballinderry Park. Having lain empty for over 40 years, George and Susie Gossip's house was in poor shape when they decided to take it over and give it a new lease of life! The roof is now almost completely finished, with the slates complete and the lead work well underway as Duncan has a look around with John, George's brother and the site's foreman. Michael Bird from MH Lead displays to us the intricacies of this skill. The slate for the roof is entirely salvaged but posed a few difficulties for John as there were three different sizes of slate necessary. However, these problems have been overcome and the end result is a wonderful roof.

As the house is being sensitively restored with great care being given to its history and heritage, George is also salvaging the internal doors and shows Duncan some fine examples of what he has done so far. Heavy woodwork is the main feature of the interior of the house. However, over the course of the house's hibernation, some of this wood has completely disintegrated and the panel work has become quite seriously affected by woodworm. There is a lot of salvageable material here, but they do need some work!

Ballinderry Park is surrounded by exquisite woodlands. George and Susie are eager to retain these and have found out about a Forest Service incentive called the Native Woodlands Scheme. Donal Keegan from the Forest Service and Dermot Houlihan, a forestry consultant, talk to George about the scheme and its benefits. The scheme is devised to give landowners financial and other support to establish native woodlands. Ultimately, this will help to retain the existing native trees around Ballinderry Park and will help maintain ecosystems that may have otherwise died out.

George intends to retain a certain amount of open space and becomes aware that this incentive is not just about trees, but also about shrubs, flora and the wildlife. The woodland is not just for timber value but holds a higher, more indeterminable value. These trees are another part of the Gossips legacy to the neighbourhood.

Next time we visit, Duncan will see how George's windows are progressing and we will all get a lesson in lime rendering!

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