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About the House

Programme 10

 Sheelyn Browne, daughter of Lord and Lady Altamont spent her first years living in Westport House, a stately home in County Mayo. In this episode of About the House Sheelyn gives Duncan a tour around this magnificent house and talks him through the history of the house. Nowadays the house, designed by the famous architects Richard Cassels and James Wyatt in the 18th century, is open to the public, but there is a lot of work involved in maintaining and conserving such a spectacular piece of our heritage.

Almost four years ago the Morehead’s started extending their house. Now Angie is back in Monkstown County Cork to see how they finished the job and how they are enjoying life in their cleverly extended home.

Tania is on the hunt for a new heating system, but with so many different systems to chose from it’s hard to know what’s best for her new home. She turns to energy experts Aodhan MacPhadin and Dr. Kirk Shanks for some advice.

Westport House (as featured in this week’s episode) is open to the public from the beginning of March to the end of October. For more information, visit:
Email: info@westporthouse.ie
Tel: 098 27766 / 098 25430
Fax: 098 25206

For more information on the Westport Woods Hotel contact:
Westport Woods Hotel,
Quay Road,
Co. Mayo.
Tel: 098 25811
Email: info@westportwoodshotel.com


For more info on John and Gabrielle’s house in County Cork, visit:
Wain Morehead Architects,
NSC campus,
Tel: 021 230 7150
Email: wma@wma.ie


For info and tips on saving energy and reducing your bills, visit:
Tel: 1850 22 11 22

For more info on ‘Glas’ Wood Pellet and chip boilers visit:
Email: info@glas.ie
Tel: 056 7728255

For more info on ‘Gael Energy’ Solar panels, visit:
Email: info@gaelenergy.ie
Tel: 059 9131537

For more info on ‘Eco Energy’ geothermal heat pumps, visit:
Email: info@ecoheat.ie
Tel: 059 9139626


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