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On Site: Tempelogue Extension Visit 3

This is our 3rd visit to Tempelogue where Gerard and Aoife O'Brien are building an extension and making upgrades to their semi-detached home.  When we left them a few weeks ago, they were still at the structural stage. Duncan is now eager to see how far along things have commenced on this, the second last visit to the O' Brien...

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Gerald O' Donoghue,
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Niall Crosson,
(Breathing membrane)
Ecological building systems,
Co. Meath
Tel: 087 4103115
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Four Seasons
Tree Surgeon
Martyn Philips
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House Visit: Belfast

This is our third visit to this Thatch restoration in Inagh in Co. Clare. On this visit, Alan's daughter Mags, known among her friends as Pinkie, is on a break from college in Dublin and we get her opinion on all the work that has been going on in the house. We also catch up with Alan and find out what progress has been made on the house since our last visit.

With Special Thanks to:
Craggaunowen Heritage Centre
Co. Clare
Telephone: 061 - 367178
Shannon Heritage
Folk Park,
Co. Clare,
Tel: +353 61 360788
Fax: +353 61 361020
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Midas Thatching
David Gallery
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Specialist Plasterer
National Custom renders Ltd
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Johny Blake
JMB Electrical
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House Visit: Belfast

Philip Lamour, a young engineer, bought the house in East Belfast, from an old lady who lived there about 3 years ago.

The house is located about 20 minutes from the city centre. There wasn't too much structural work, the house was structurally sound and just a couple of walls that needed to be knocked in.
There was however, extensive renovation work that needed to be done. Phil wanted to keep and restore as many of the original features as possible and managed to retain the original fireplaces, cornices, stained glass and the original cast iron bath. The windows had already been replaced but he fixed them up in a way that matched in with the old house.

Philip had no design or restoration experience but he seems to have an eye for it, picking up lots of bargains and salvage pieces and teaming different things together in an interesting way. He is also creative and good with his hands and made lots of the furniture himself, like the wine rack, which is really striking in the kitchen and the mirrored front in the wardrobes in one of the bedrooms.

The garden has a party/barbeque area with lots of seating area, a trampoline dug into the ground and a hot tube! The house is very much a bachelor pad and is built with entertainment and socialising very much in mind. When we think of bachelor pads we usually think of modern minimalist apartment blocks, not old houses with character. Philip has managed to take this old house, and change it to meet the needs of a modern man while still retaining the character of the house.