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Programme 7

On Site: The Traynors

This week we return to Anthony O' Grady, Taine Traynor and their 3 children, Seanna, Keelan and Finan.

They are building a sustainable, and low energy family home on an average family budget. We spoke to Taine and Anthony at the kids regular playgroup in their local village. They have been finding the last few weeks quite a strain but things are moving along and despite the stress there are no regrets so far.

The last time we visited the site, only the foundations were laid and the timber-frame kit had not arrived. This time the place is a hive of activity. The kit has arrived and has been erected in the week. The roofer is putting on the felt and batons and the builder, Mick is busy fitting the environmentally friendly and extremely high performance hemp wool insulation that Taine and Anthony have decide to go with in the end.

We speak to Peter Staughton of IJM about the process of building and erecting the timber frame kit. We also talk to Philip Mahony from the ITFMA about the benefits of choosing wood over concrete.

We will return to the Traynor's in a few weeks when they hope to have windows in and be getting a start on services, fixtures and fittings.

For information on Timber-frame kit contact:

IJM Timber-frame Construction
Head Office, Old
Armagh Road,
Tel: +353 47 71711
Fax: +353 47 71722
Timber-frame erector - John Murphy

Irish Timber-Frame Manufacturing Association
Mespil House,
Dublin 2.
Tel : +353 1 2315265
Fax: + 353 1 2315202
Email: info@itfma.ie

For information on Hemp wool insulation contact:
Niall Crosson,
Ecological building systems,
Co. Meath
Tel: 087 4103115
Email: niallcrossan@maccannandbyrne.ie

Iveagh Trust

Nelly Molloy was born in the Iveagh buildings in Bride Street, in 1907 and lived in flat 3b until her death in 2002. Each time the good people at the Iveagh trust, who look after the flats, asked her if she would like the flat refurbished Nelly politely said, 'no thank you I'm fine the way I am'. What results is a completely preserved home, true to the early 20th century way of living in this country, almost down to the last detail. A living museum. In this piece Duncan visits the flat and talks to Gene Clayton about Nelly, the flat and the work of the Iveagh trust.

For more information contact:
Gene Clayton,
Iveagh trust
Bully Alley street,
Dublin 8
Tel: 01 4542312

Home Buyers and the Construction Industry

Houses prices in this country have continued to rise year in year out without any sign of slowing down until this year. People are having to take out 40 year mortgages when once 20 years was the longest. The nation is getting into more and more debt and now with interest rates rising, it looks like first time buyers are being prices out of the market all together. In this piece, Duncan talks to a number of experts about the underlying reasons for outrageous house prices. The also try to offer solutions to the problems and tips for people trying to get on the property ladder.

If you have any experiences you want to share with us please contact us:

'About the House'
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Irish home builders association (IHBA)
Construction House,
Canal Road,
Dublin 6.
Tel: +353-1-406 6000
Fax: +353-1-496 6953.


The royal institute of the Architects of Ireland,
8, Merrion square,
Dublin 2. 353 (0)1 676 1703
Fax + 353 (0)1 661 0948
web: www.riai.ie