Break Dance

The Break dance routine is not for the faint hearted! Raw Edge Crew’s Matthew Williamson pushes our Breakdancers to the limit as they pump up their dance to try to make final 5. Find out who can last the pace in Break dance…


At only 22, Matthew has already carved out a major career in dance. With Raw Edge Crew he stormed Sky Ones 'Got To Dance' reaching the Live semi-finals and became a YouTube sensation. He has represented Ireland internationally in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Germany and the UK.Each week he teaches over thousands of kids as a Dance Instructor with FitKids/Fit Teens. On TV he has appeared in ‘Ballet Chancers’ and with Podge and Rodge. Matthew and his dazzling displays of Breakdancing are in constant demand for promotional work with clients like Facebook, Champion Sports and Ryanair.