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Is the jig up for Heather?

Fair City February 7-11

Is the jig up for Heather?

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Jordan's back!

EastEnders February 8-12

It's a week of major upheaval for Denise.

Carly takes Johnny away from Kirin after he screams at the baby

Emmerdale February 8-12

This week on Emmerdale, Aaron reports his father to the police but is worried about how they will prove the allegations.

Home and Away February 8-11

Kidnappings, signs of progress and growing tension are the key themes in Summer Bay this week.

Brian is waiting in the wing

Red Rock February 10-11

More dilemmas for Conor's family and Sean this week.

Leanne finally goes to the police

Coronation Street February 8-12

Fans of all things Weatherfield are set for dramatic scenes next week.

A tense encounter at Ros na Rún

Ros na Rún February 9-11

Evan is back and he knows what Fia is hiding from Máire and Peadar! Furious to learn that she is lying about the abandoned baby, Evan is determined to expose the truth but a hysterical Fia begs him to keep quiet.

It's a stressful week for Toadie

Neighbours February 8-12

This week on Ramsay Street, Mark learns disturbing information about Paige, while Kyle is shocked when he sees an overly-bronzed Amy.