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Jackie is not happy lying to Dolores

Fair City December November 30 - December 4

Pete's continues to lie to Dolores - will he be caught out? Yvonne schemes with Dan and Katy is feeling the pressure with Niamh gone.

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Peter has some big plans for his future

Eastenders December 1 - 5

A saved message in Lucy's phone leaves Ian in shock, and Peter has a big question for Lauren.


Home and Away December 1 - 5

This week in Summer Bay, Roo works to rebook everything for Marilyn and John's wedding, while Nate tries to allay Sophie's concern.

Moira is involved in a car accident this week

Emmerdale December 1 - 5

Cain is out for revenge this week when Moira finds herself in an accident.


Neighbours December 1 - 5

This week on Ramsay Street, Terese is impressed by Brad's efforts to woo her back, while Imogen refuses to attend her Year 12 formal.

Will Carla and Tracy ever sort out their differences?

Coronation Street December 1 - 5

Carla and Tracy come to blows again, Kevin and Tim have some sofa trouble and there's a bad accident at the gym.

It's time for the big fight

Hollyoaks December 1 - 5

This week in Chester, Celine questions Jason's behaviour, while Maxine is on trial.