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Andy is forced to reveal his real name

Coronation Street June 1 - 5

This week on the cobbles, David blames Gail for messing up, while Julie confides in Todd.

Full Story

Neil he turns on the charm

Fair City June 2 - 4

Caoimhe returns from holidays with Damien in the best of form - but there's a big shock in store.

Welcome to Albert Square, Paul

EastEnders June 1 - 5

There's a new arrival in Walford.


Neighbours June 1 - 5

After spotting Lauren leaving Brad's house in the early hours of the morning, Susan takes it upon herself to warn Brad that his friendship with Lauren is becoming too dependent.

Alf Stewart

Home and Away June 1 - 5

Home and Away is currently on a break and will return to RTÉ2 shortly.

Mo's feelings for Fiach cannot be quashed

Ros na Rún June 2-4

Frances pretends to be Peigí's counsellor. Amy finds out that she is not pregnant and Niamh is falling for Adam.

Leyla gets rid of Carly before Jai comes downstairs

Emmerdale June 1 - 5

This week on Emmerdale, Victoria refuses to talk to Adam and throws a bin bag of his belongings at him.

Reenie tells Porsche that she is sticking around, and Porsche is furious

Hollyoaks June 1 - 5

This week on Hollyoaks, Dylan's mum turns up in the village. Trevor tells Val about Esther keeping the baby and Val is supportive.

Martin mistakes Stacey's kindness for something more

EastEnders May 25 - 29

Hope springs eternal for Martin, Kush's mother Carmel arrives and Vincent plots his next move...