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Dan is angered to see Robbie with Yvonne

Fair City Aug 18 - 22

Tensions run high between Dan and Robbie, Mondo tries to win Kerri-Ann back and Katy has feelings for Laura.

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EastEnders Aug 18 - 22

In Walford this week Charlie makes plans with Yvonne, Denise feels guilty about Patrick and Lauren us caught between Peter and Dean.

Paddy is thrilled to see Aaron

Emmerdale Aug 18 - 22

Paddy is shocked by a visitor to the Dales, there's a huge fight in the Woolpack and Vanessa is looking for a date.

Ken is shocked to see Peter in such a state

Coronation Street Aug 18 - 22

Jim has Peter where he wants him, Neil continues to be a nuisance and Leanne has some harsh words for Nick.

Lindsey goes to Mercedes for help

Hollyoaks Aug 18 - 22

Lindsey enlists Mercedes' help this week in a bid to clear Joe's name.

Kathy discovers the truth about Paige's identity

Neighbours Aug 18 - 22

Kathy is growing more and more suspicious of Paige and is determined to get to the bottom of things...

Denny is confused about her feelings for Casey

Home and Away Aug 18 - 22

In Summer Bay this week Phoebe is out for answers, Denny struggles with her feelings for Casey and Nate has some apologising to do.