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Tommy makes a huge misjudgemen

Fair City April 13 - 18

This week in Carrigstown, Tommy plots to turn Jane and Caoimhe against Bob, while Kerri-Ann is determined to make the salon a success.

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Jane awkwardly joins the Beale family photograph

Eastenders April 14 - 18

This week on The Square, Stan leaves The Vic after another family row, while Ian worries when Lucy doesn't come home.

Pollard sees Val and Ian having lunch together

Emmerdale Apr 14 - 18

This week in The Dales, Charity takes a pregnancy test, while Declan tests Charity by suggesting that they should plan a big lavish wedding.

Tina turns up at The Rovers in a bid to win Peter back

Coronation Street Apr 14 - 18

This week on the cobbles, Tina tries to seduce Peter, while Maria makes a move on Tyrone.

Brid is revealed as the real thief

Ros na Run Apr 15 & 17

Berni can't stand Micheál thinking that she stole his lottery ticket and with Brid appearing saintly and helping him out this week, Berni can't keep the truth to herself and ends up telling Micheál that Berni is the real thief.

Bianca is heartbroken to see Heath's excitement over the baby

Home and Away Apr 14 - 18

Bianca is in a tough predicament this week and opens up to Kyle about her thoughts on Heath and Jess' baby.

Josh doesn't want to go back to school

Neighbours Apr 14 - 18

Terese does her best to talk Susan around to letting Josh go back to school in Year 12 but with Susan remaining firm, it's not looking like Josh will get his way.