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Louise confides in Dean

Fair City July 28 - 30

Louise has a bad day, Lenka schemes some more, Doug is dragged into a stand-off and Dermot receives terrible news.

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Problems for Bethany, Sally and Alya...

Coronation Street July 27 - 31

Problems for Bethany, Sally and Alya...

It's a busy week!

Emmerdale July 27 - 31

It's a busy week!

Who will be charged with Lucy's murder?

EastEnders July 27 - 31

It's another seismic week in the Square.

Leah gets the wake-up call she needs

Home and Away July 27 - 31

The search is on for Leah and with Alf leading the search party, VJ and Zac are hopeful that she will turn up sooner rather than later.

What will happen next?

EastEnders July 20-24

It's a seismic week in the Square.

Michael finds himself in the middle of a love triangle

Coronation Street July 20 - 24

This week on the cobbles, Liz and Simon's mobile phone are destroyed by Dan, while Gail is delighted when Kylie reckons Michael still has feelings for her.

Will Paige go to Singapore?

Neighbours July 20 - 24

Terese pushes Mary to stay in Ramsay Street in the hopes she will bring Paige to Singapore with her - but will she go?

Matt has a big decision to make

Home and Away July 20 - 24

Matt is in big trouble over the ATM theft charge and has to make a big decision when he's told that he could avoid jail if he turns in the other people involved - but what will he do?