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Ellie has a meltdown

Fair City February 14-18

Get ready for more trauma involving Heather and family.

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Ashley thinks Laurel is drinking again

Emmerdale February 15-19

This week on Emmerdale, Ashley's heart sinks when he discovers a bottle of alcohol under the couch and is worried that Laurel has started drinking again.

Zack is caught in the act this week

Hollyoaks February 15-19

This week on Hollyoaks, Grace wants revenge for Trevor and goes to the Blakes' flat to find Ben.

It's another week of high drama in The Square

EastEnders February 15-19

It's another week of high drama in The Square.

There's another big twist this week...

Red Rock February 17-18

Liam's mind is in turmoil about whether Rachel is seeing Brian again.

Caitríona at her controversial book launch. Will sparks fly?

Ros na Rún February 16-18

Caitríona lies to Berni to keep her away from the book launch in order to make absolutely certain that she will be the star of the show. But when Berni gets wind of Caitríona's scheme, she gate-crashes the launch, ready to steal Caitríona's spotlight.

Is the jig up for Heather?

Fair City February 7-11

Is the jig up for Heather?

Jordan's back!

EastEnders February 8-12

It's a week of major upheaval for Denise.

Carly takes Johnny away from Kirin after he screams at the baby

Emmerdale February 8-12

This week on Emmerdale, Aaron reports his father to the police but is worried about how they will prove the allegations.