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Liz reveals her plans to Steve and Michelle

Coronation Street June 28 - July 3

Liz plots to destroy Tony and Tracy, Brian continues to pursue Julie and Roy races to Cathy's rescue.

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Jane sees an opportunity for blackmail

Fair City June 28 - July 2

Tommy is cleared of robbing Jane's apartment but there's still plenty of trouble ahead. Rachel and Doug's rocky working relationship continues and there are plenty of developments between Louise and Michael.

Nancy and Tamwar finally give in to their feelings for each other

EastEnders June 29 - July 3

As Shirley continues her quest to be granted access to granddaughter Jade, she's fighting battles on a number of other fronts. Shabnam opens up to Kush, and Nancy and Tamwar finally give in to their feelings for each other.

Sienna is heartbroken when Patrick manipulates her into dumping Ben

Hollyoaks June 29 - July 3

This week on Hollyoaks, Tony is released without charge, but Diane still thinks he is guilty of kidnapping Rose.

Debbie and Ross spend the night together in the garage

Emmerdale June 29 - July 3

This week on Emmerdale, Debbie and Ross are still asleep on a makeshift bed in the garage.

Jane continues her vendetta

Fair City June 21 - 25

Dolores battles for her life, Jane continues her vendetta and there is devastation for Niamh.

Nancy warns Stacey

EastEnders June 22 - 26

Shirley puts her plan into action and there's more tension between Kush and Stacey.

Miley's Christening

Coronation Street June 22 - 26

As Anna, Tim and Gary prepare for Miley's christening, Faye is dreading the event. On the day itself the pressure is too great and when she runs out of the church Tim calls the ceremony to a halt.

Will Matt see sense?

Home and Away - June 22 - 26

Billie takes a tour of Summer Bay, Matt goes missing and Ricky, Kyle and Ash agree to do Gunno's job.