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The will-they-won't-they? of Decco and Louise continues (with Michael in the mix too)

Fair City July 20-25

Secrets, suspicions and struggles in Carrigstown this week.

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Dan spots Daz kissing Kerry

Emmerdale July 21 - 25

This week on Emmerdale, Daz tries to kiss Kerry, unaware that a fuming Dan has seen, Kerry and Dan's wedding doesn't go quite to plan and Katie and Andy find themselves in an embrace again.

Ian is determined to shut Rainie up once and for all

EastEnders July 21-25

Serious illness, desperate measures, that dreaded knock on the door again and a huge shock in Albert Square.

What has Neil got in store for an unsuspecting Steve?

Coronation Street July 21 - 25

This week on the cobbles, Andrea's husband Neil pushes his way into the bar, while Jasmeen quizzes Leanne about her divorce.

This week Cindy's bipolar worsens and with pressure mounting, will she confess to her deep secret?

Hollyoaks July 21 - 25

This week on Hollyoaks, Cindy's bipolar worsens and will Sinead and Tony's affair be found out?

Casey finally gets Brax to see the truth about the drive-by shooting

Home & Away July 21-25

This week in Summer Bay, Kyle challenges Phoebe's decision to cut ties with her father and Heath and Bianca make some drastic relationship decisions.

Will Paige tell Lauren the truth?

Neighbours July 21 - 25

This week on Ramsay Street, Karl's concerns about Paul grow and will Paige tell her mother the truth?