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Denise makes a shocking discovery in relation to Lucy's death

Eastenders Nov 24 - 28

Ian is having a rollercoaster week when a shocking discovery is made relation to Lucy's case.

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Dan plans to win Yvonne back

Fair City Nov 24 - 28

Dan has a tough decision on his hands this week in Carrigstown.

Karl wonders how Susan is coping

Neighbours November 24 - 28

This week on Ramsay Street, Sheila's distracted and barely engages with Kyle, while Karl wonders how Susan is coping.

Bella and Lachlan have a run-in

Emmerdale Nov 24 - 28

Things get worse for Belle this week when Cain gets the wrong end of the stick after a run-in with Lachlan.

Grace and Freddie argue

Hollyoaks November 24 - 28

This week on Hollyoaks, Freddie is questioned by the police over the murder.

The car or Michelle - who will Steve choose?

Coronation Street November 24 - 28

On the Street this week Liz tries to fix Steve and Michelle's relationship, Gavin shouts the odds at Michael and Dev meddles in Julie's love life.


Home and Away November 24 - 28

This week in Summer Bay, Nate arrives at the hospital to find Brax lurking outside his patient's room, while John tries to hide to avoid seeing Marilyn.