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Chas goes to see Diane in hospital, but upsets her and Victoria kicks her out

Emmerdale November 30 - December 4

This week on Emmerdale, Aaron worries that someone is after Chas, wondering if it could be the same person who shot Robert. When Aaron quizzes Robert, he suspects that Robert actually knows who his shooter was.

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Jason proposes to Holly

Hollyoaks November 30 - December 4

This week on Hollyoaks, on Leela's birthday Tegan is jealous as Ziggy treats his wife. Leela gets suspicious of Tegan and steals her phone - telling Ste she's going to get proof that Tegan and Ziggy are in love.

Coronation Street Nov 30 - Dec 4

This week on the cobbles,

Fair City November 22-26

Reeling from his grief, Eoghan discovers the truth about what really happened to Michael. Will he go to the police or stay quiet?

EastEnders November 23-27

Sharon tries to play peacemaker by organising a family lunch for the Mitchells but the settle-the-waters sit-down soon turns into a disaster, with the aftershocks felt throughout the week.

Tyrone panics and assures Fiz that he paid for it

Coronation Street November 23 - 27

This week on the cobbles, Bernice wakes up next to Andy, while there is trouble in No. 9.

Shirley is not impressed

Emmerdale November 23 - 27

This week in the Emmerdale, Phil tries to sort out some drama, while Shirley confronts Mick and forces him to admit the truth.

Home and Away November 23 - 27

When Evelyn calls around to Tank's house to watch football, Azza's girlfriend Jem warns her that he has commitment issues, and it's not long before he's flirting with Maddy behind her back...

Red Rock November 25-26

The big case this week is the investigation into a taxi robbery that went wrong, resulting in the death of a young drug addict.