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The tug of love involving Ben continues

Fair City August 30 - September 3

It's a busy week in Carrigstown.

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It's a devastating week for the Masoods and the Kazemis

EastEnders August 31 - September 4

It's a devastating week for the Masoods and the Kazemis.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Neighbours August 31 - September 4

Fights are breaking out right and left on Ramsay Street this week, with Terese and Brad, Naomi and Paul and Josh and Amber all up in arms.

How much longer can Tracy hide the truth?

Coronation Street August 31 - September 4

Carla's self-destructive behaviour is making Tracy feel guilty, while there could be some bad news for Hope.

It's all go in Summer Bay this week

Home and Away August 31 - September 4

On the Bay this week, Ricky seeks solitude, Nate gets some shocking news and Phoebe tells Denny about her relationship with Ash.

An emotionally fragile Eric turns up at Val's funeral

Emmerdale August 31 - September 4

This week on Emmerdale, a guilty Aaron listens in as Andy tells Chas that the barn has been sold and he will probably never know why Katie went there on the day of her death.

Ste proposes to Sinead but it isn't long before he's unfaithful...

Hollyoaks August 31 - September 4

This week on Hollyoaks, Ste proposes to Sinead and Harry is furious, confronting Ste at school. The pair end up kissing passionately in a classroom, as Sinead walks down the corridor...

Billie attacks Nate in the gym

Home and Away August 24 - 28

This week in the bay, Billie reveals she's not as innocent as she seems, and things get steamy between Andy and Emma.

Toadie is injured by an unsecured bouncy castle

Neighbours August 24 - 28

This week on Ramsay Street, Toadie has an accident, Russell bonds with Tyler and Imogen and Daniel reveal their relationship to Amber.