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Lou feels indebted to Susan

Neighbours September 29 - Oct 3

This week on Ramsay Street, Brad agrees to stop seeing Lauren for a while, Lou feels indebted to Susan after her heroic act to save his life.

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Will Sharon make it to the alter?

Eastenders Sept 29 - Oct 3

Sharon and Phil's big day continues but will the day end with them as man and wife?

A lady turns up with shocking news for Jimmy and Nicola

Emmerdale September 29 - October 3

The village is still in shock after a body was found in the lake last week.

Casey can't help but get involved with Andy's problems

Home and Away Sept 29 - Oct 3

It's all happening in Summer Bay this week with Casey and Andy at the centre of some major drama.

Finn stands trial this week

Hollyoaks September 29 - October 3

This week on Hollyoaks, Finn's rape trial begins.

Tadhg has a severe pain in his side, but will the doctor have his best interests at heart?

Ros na Rún, September 30 and October 2

After letting his soft side get the better of him, Mack is persuaded to do one last run for Seán.

Niamh and Michael's affair has the town talking

Fair City September 21 - 25

Carrigstown is reeling this week after Christy's tragic death, while everyone is gossiping about Niamh and Michael's affair.