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Mick's post-arrest travails show no signs of ending and he issues the soon-to-wed Ian with an ultimatum

EastEnders August 25 - 29

A homecoming for Patrick, an ultimatum for Ian and an even bigger mess for Mick.

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More soul-searching for Dan

Fair City August 24 - 29

A traumatic week for Charlie, more soul-searching for Dan and more worries about the future for Christy and Sean.

Peter has a message from Jim for Steve and Liz

Coronation Street Aug 25 - 29

On the cobbles this week Tyrone has an accident, Steve reluctantly visits Peter in prison and Lily's birthday party ends in chaos.

Chris is reeling after Lucy's offer

Neighbours August 25 - 29

This week on Ramsay Street, Chris is still reeling from Lucy's offer, while tensions mount between Lauren and Matt.

Ross find April hiding in a car

Emmerdale August 25 - 29

This week on Emmerdale, Ross finds April hiding in a car, Chas worries for Aaron, Adam prepares to hand himself in and Ross kisses Debbie.

Denny confronts Casey

Home and Away August 25 - 29

This week in Summer Bay, Roo returns home after visiting Colleen for two months, while Denny is conflicted about Casey and Chris.

Sonny visits Theresa in prison

Hollyoaks August 25 - 29

This week on Hollyoaks, Carmel and Sonny are shocked when they receive a visiting order from Theresa for Kathleen Angel.