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What will Jane's advice be - and will Callum accept it?

Fair City August 5-8

Callum's woes continue, Christy is stuck in the middle between Farrah and Sean, Katy is put under pressure again and Mondo may have some explaining to do soon...

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Heath invites Bianca on a weekend away

Home and Away August 4 - 8

This week on Home and Away, Bianca is excited when Heath suggests going away for a weekend, Casey and Chris fight, Nate confronts his estranged wife and Marilyn has a surprise in store for John.

Donna feels faint and collapses

Emmerdale August 4 - 8

This week on Emmerdale, Marlon and Donna share a shock kiss, Leyla and Jai's flirting becomes obvious and Cain and Moira can't stay apart.

Will Mick take the plunge?

EastEnders August 4-8

Mick's day of reckoning at the Swimming Gala arrives, Ian's problems pile ever higher and it's a huge week for Kat and Alfie.

Lauren decides to make amends with Kathy

Neighbours Aug 4 - 8

Lauren and Brad have their hands full this week with Paige out for revenge and Brad's attempts at asserting some authority in the classroom ending in disaster.

Ken bumps into Carla on the street

Coronation Street August 4 - 8

This week on the Cobbles, Ken visits Peter in prison, while Rob invites Simon to the zoo with Tracy and Amy.

Sinead goes on a date with Daryl

Hollyoaks August 4 - 8

This week in Chester, the Lomaxes prepare to move to New Zealand, Sinead goes on a date with Daryl and Cindy and Dirk are elated to welcome home baby Hilton.