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As they smile, Dan suffers

Fair City March 29 - April 2

Love and money dominate in Carrigstown this week.

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The return of the 'king'

EastEnders March 30 - April 3

Family turmoil aplenty with the Mitchells, the Slaters, the Beales and the Carters.


Neighbours March 30 - April 3

This week on Ramsay Street Nina returns to Erinsborough, Paul reunites with an old friend and Imogen has a set back.

Coronation Street March 30 - April 3

Faye delivers a bombshell, Carla has some sharp words for a business associate and Tony ends things with Tracy - but for how long!?


Home and Away March 30 - April 3

This week in Summer Bay, Brax tells Ash about his meeting with the lawyer, while Marilyn's still not talking to John.

Red Rock March 31 - April 3

This week on Red Rock Nikki and Angela come close to solving the long-standing case of a missing person and James McKay is desperately worried for his wife.

Emma and Val are displeased when Darren arrives

Emmerdale March 30 - April 3

This week on Emmerdale, Emma and Val are displeased when Darren arrives back in the village and offers to take Finn out. Val plots to sabotage their date.

Sienna hatches a plan to get out of the psychiatric unit

Hollyoaks March 30 - April 3

This week on Hollyoaks, the O'Connors and Lomaxes are in shock after last week's events.

If you can't stand the heat...

Fair City March 22 - 26

A new player in a corkscrew game, decision time for Farrah and is it Dean to the rescue?