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Cheery, companionable set, dominated by four Ellington-related tunes.

During This Time Oscar Peterson Ben Webster

As evidenced by this CD/DVD package, four highly-skilled musicians - only one of whom survives - were clearly having fun in a predominantly bluesy swing set recorded in 1972, in Germany.

  • John Coltrane: explosive but mellifluous too, canny poet of the saxophone

    John Coltrane Out of This World

    Fans will rush to acquire this 4-CD set of saxophonist John Coltrane in his prime, comprising live selections and studio recordings, from the heady period following the release of his seminal 1960 album, Giant Steps.

  • Rarely has a band sounded so desperate to be liked.

    Foster The People - Supermodel

    Foster The People are burdened with delusions of grandeur on their second album.

  • The War on Drugs get lost in the big skies and endless vistas of heartland rock

    The War on Drugs - Lost in The Dream

    Philadelphia's War on Drugs hit the road on an enjoyable heartland rock odyssey but take some very cool detours along the way

  • Ozone: fresh and vibrant still, 35 years on.

    Noel Kelehan Quintet Ozone

    The great Irish jazz pianist and arranger Noel Kelehan is fondly celebrated once again in this reissued 1979 recording.

  • Egan: He knows what side his contract is buttered on and who can blame him

    Kian Egan - Home

    Kian Egan's debut solo album is almost a work of art in its calculated market-friendly safeness.

  • Chet Baker: troubled soul

    Chet Baker - Italian Movies

    Piero Umiliani (1926-2001) was the man who composed Mah Na Mah Na, popularised globally by The Muppets. A new three-CD collection assembles his Italian film score work, featuring the legendary trumpeter Chet Baker.

  • Doug Paisley: a beautifully delicate lyricist

    Doug Paisley - Strong Feelings

    Doug Paisley's brand of country is open to a folky sensibility and even Beatles-like pop, and John Prine just might be an influence.

  • He's a loser (in love) baby so why don't you hug him?

    Beck - Morning Phase

    Beck returns to the melancholia and heartache of his best album, Sea Change on his first recording in six years

  • This intoxicating fourth record will recruit a lot of new followers

    St Vincent - St Vincent

    St Vincent's fourth album is a bold commerical statement that never sacrifices the art or the intrigue

  • An uncomfortable and demanding listen

    Dylan Tighe - Record

    This debut album from Dubliner Tighe is an uncomfortable and demanding but ultimately rewarding listen about his very personal experience with mental health issues

  • Old, new, borrowed and True Blue

    Damien Dempsey - It's All Good: The Best Of

    Old, new, borrowed and True Blue.

  • Little Red is just too blue

    Katy B - Little Red

    London-Irish gal Katy spends a little too much time sobbing in the ladies room and not enough on the dance floor on her patchy second album.

  • Persson's voice is as cottony cute as ever

    Nina Persson - Animal Heart

    The sometimes Cardigans singer delivers a varied album of subtlety and grace but with plenty of bite too

  • It's pleasant alright but Broken Bells could do with a few more cracks and imperfections

    Broken Bells - After The Disco

    The second album from Shins frontman James Mercer and Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton is pleasant but uninvolving.