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Not kidding anyone

Dad's Army

Dad's Army returns with the old bungles and prat-falls but the script is misjudged and there is a severe rationing of belly laughs

  • Edgar Ramirez and Luke Bracey replace Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves in this remake of Point Break

    Point Break

    Utterly ridiculous, but a thrilling watch.

  • Joseph Fiennes and Nicole Kidman in Strangerland.


    In this impressive indie movie, Joseph Fienes and Nicole Kidman play the married couple who have moved with their two kids to an Australian outback town for murky reasons which become clear as the story proceeds. It's disturbing, taut and clever.

  • The same wise-cracking, anarchic spirit as Ghostbusters and Gremlins


    Fun for three-quarters of the family.

  • James Nesbitt (centre) in Lucky Man

    TV Review: James Nesbitt gets lucky while Bridget & Eamon shine

    John Byrne's telly week includes James Nesbitt's Lucky Man, Getaways, Bridget and Eamon, and Marvel's Agent Carter.

  • Chasing down the Cardinal: The Spotlight editorial team


    The solid, reliable Spotlight is essentially All The President's Men rebooted, with the quarry being the real-life Cardinal Law and his errant Boston clergy rather than Richard Nixon and his associates.

  • Caine and his co-stars prove the best of visitors to both head and heart


    Not wasted on anyone.

  • Rumors of Fleetwood Mac play Bord Gáis theatre on January 31

    Rumours of Fleetwood Mac are True

    Fleetwood Mac tribute band Rumours of Fleetwood Mac play the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre on Sunday January 31 as part of their world tour. Paddy Kehoe spoke to the band's drummer and founder member, Allan Cosgrove.

  • Michael Bay's take on the attack on the Benghazi compound in Libya in 2012.

    13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

    Pearl Harbor and Transformers director Michael Bay goes gung-ho on this account of an attack by Islamic militants on the Benghazi compound in Libya in 2012

  • The 33 dramatises the events surrounding the Chilean mining disaster

    The 33

    John Byrne enjoys the dramatised version of events that saw 33 miners get trapped in a mine in Chile, and the entire planet held its breath.

  • The Big Short is as much an engaging drama as a financial farce

    The Big Short

    The Big Short is the best bet you'll make all year.

  • Nie Yinniang (Qi Shu), the reluctant Assassin in Hou Hsiao-Hsien's marvellous film of that name.

    The Assassin

    Hou Hsiao-hsien won Best Director at Cannes for his latest, magisterial film, which is only a martial arts picture in name, relying on the mysteries of human relations rather than on lengthy sword-fighting scenes.

  • Vivid but sometimes unsettling perceptions about marriage and the lives of women, as well as a visionary approach with elements of the folk tale.

    Clarice Lispector Collected Stories

    Colm Tóibín has written of the Brazilian author Clarice Lispector (1920-1977) that she "had an ability to write as though no one had ever written before." She wrote of women trapped in faulty marriages, but she also delved in the human psyche.

  • The same again from Ice Cube and Kevin Hart

    Ride Along 2

    Step away from the vehicle.

  • Looking on in cynical disbelief: Billy Bob Thornton and Sandra Bullock in Our Brand is Crisis.

    Our Brand is Crisis

    Is it the times that are in it that a very poor comedy about politics and PR could be made in so toothless a fashion, and be so lacking in edge and intelligence? You sure as hell are not going to this one.