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A must-see performance from Depp

Review: Black Mass ***

A fourth Oscar nomination for Depp looks like a formality after his must-see performance in this so-so movie about Boston gangster James 'Whitey' Bulger.

  • Mark Rylance (centre) and Tom Hanks form an unlikey bromance in Bridge of Spies

    Bridge of Spies

    Spielberg reunites with Tom Hanks for an entertaining Cold War spy swap drama but neither can resist the urge to preach

  • Jennifer Lawrence is excellent as Katniss but there isn't near enough action

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

    A flat end to what should have been an adrenaline-fuelled thrill-ride.

  • Kate Winslet is stunning in the central role as Tilly Dunnage

    The Dressmaker

    The Dressmaker is a visual feast - contrasting a dreary rural Australian town with outrageous couture costumes - but it's let down by an inflated running time and confused tone.

  • There's evil in the woods

    The Hallow

    Michael McElhatton and Michael Smiley both put in fine performances in this low-budget horror film about a family endangered by evil in the woods.

  • Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs

    Film Review: Steve Jobs

    If the thought of a movie about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs makes you yawn, please stifle it and hot-foot it to your nearest cinema. Whether you are an Apple fan or not, this is a brilliant movie. Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet are truly magnificent.

  • Emory Cohen and Saoirse Ronan

    Review: Brooklyn

    Saoirse Ronan is outstanding in this charming love story about a young Irish immigrant who has to make an agonising choice between heart and home

  • Nicholas Hoult in Kill Your Friends

    Kill Your Friends

    John Niven's satire on the record industry during the Britpop years makes an uneven transition to the big screen

  • Astral Weeks - Irish heartbeat, mystic strivings.

    Van Morrison Astral Weeks

    One of the great cult records of our time, Van Morrison's album Astral Weeks has been remastered with four unreleased takes of songs from the original record included as bonus tracks.

  • Van Morrison His Band and The Street Choir -  the sum of its influences. He had been listening closely to lots of different music all those Belfast years and it shows.

    Van Morrison His Band and The Street Choir

    His Band and The Street Choir, first released in 1970, is a curious album, self-consciously wearing the sum of its influences, but elusive in spirit.

  • Malala Yousafzai

    He Named Me Malala

    Davis Guggenheim's inspiring documentary on Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head during a Taliban raid on her school bus in Pakistan's Swat Valley in 2012 is a must-see.

  • Charles Townshend's vivid and impressive study has just been published in a new paperback edition.

    Charles Townshend  Easter 1916 The Irish Rebellion

    Welcomed by many when first published in 2005, Easter 1916  The Irish Rebellion may well be the definitive account. It's now available in paperback in a new edition.

  • Dang! I should never have traded in my Les Paul copy - anyway, back to multiple realities and moral perspectives before some shuteye.

    Elvis Costello Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink

    Thank God for Costello's acerbic sense of humour which makes the experience of reading his memoir such scurrilous pleasure as you discover the anarchic lifestyle of an Attraction at large in Tokyo and the USA.

  • Absorbing reflections on the South from Paul Theroux.

    Paul Theroux Deep South

    After fifty years spent travelling the world and writing about it, often brilliantly, Paul Theroux decided to drive through the Southern states of the USA and ask a few questions.The results are absorbing.

  • The Freewheeling Josh Ritter

    Josh Ritter - Sermon on The Rocks

    Ritter shakes himself out of a love funk on this triumphant rock-out of a return