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Ol' Red Eyes is back

Terminator Genisys

Ol' Red Eyes is back - Genisys is no must see, but it's no popcorn-wasting disaster either.

  • The eye candy is back!

    Magic Mike XXL

    Magic Mike and the gang are back! And this time around the costumes (or lack of) are tighter, the dance moves are raunchier, and as the title suggests, everything is bigger and better. Are you ready for an encore?

  • In the Night of Time: engaging story of a torrid affair between a Spanish architect and an an American woman

    Antonio Muñoz Molina In the Night of Time

    This highly compelling novel vividly recalls the Spanish Civil War but its main focus is the love affair between a Spanish architect and an American woman.

  • In an never-ending search for pure evil


    The Esperanto-spouting servants of fiendish evil romp through their first full feature and they're helped along by a very starry cast.

  • Joe Locke: Effervescent spirit

    Joe Locke Love is a Pendulum

    There is no sense of a musician resting on his laurels in this busily adventurous and, yes, vibrant, album from the American veteran of the vibes, who once incidentally collaborated with the Beastie Boys.

  • Full of old school satisfaction

    Slow West

    Executive produced by and starring Michael Fassbender, this story of an odd couple out in the middle of nowhere mixes humour, pathos and the bizarre to create a quest where you're unsure about what's going to happen next.

  • The Entourage crew at the film's premiere


    Vinny Chase and the gang are back for more Hollywood high jinks in this film version of the HBO comedy series.

  • Ian McKellen, minus his deerstalker hat and pipe, adds new depth to the iconic role

    Mr Holmes

    Oscar winner Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters) reunites with Ian McKellen to take on the world's greatest detective in a case that's very close to home.

  • You'll never hear that Dairygold ad in the same way again

    Let Us Prey

    The Man comes around.

  • A touching film

    Queen & Country

    John Boorman finally delivers his autobiographical follow-up to Hope and Glory. The wait was worth it.

  • Chris Pratt aka dinner??

    Jurassic World

    Magical, mythical with scream-out-loud moments, Jurassic World is one of those brilliant cinematic experiences that unites audiences in popcorn chomping fear and delight.

  • The celebrated author of the Maigret stories also wrote a series of striking novels which did not feature his intrepid Inspector. The Blue Room is one of the best.

    Georges Simenon: The Blue Room

    Tony is married to Gisele and they have a young daughter, while childless Andrée is the wife of sickly Nicolas. Tony and Andrée's illicit affair will lead to certain tragedy, in Georges Simenon's beguiling crime thriller.

  • Master of the double bass: Ron Carter on the first album of his tunes recorded with a big band

    Ron Carter, WDR Big Band My Personal Songbook

    Ron Carter (born 1937) is a legend of the double bass and his collaboration with this Cologne-based Big Band is a richly-varied affair, with some notable solo work among the lush arrangements.

  • How ya gonna call? Elise Rainer

    Insidious: Chapter 3

    The third chapter in the Insidious franchise goes back to the start and finds a whole new family to petrify. It's tight and effective stuff

  • Wistful, playful, haunting - Songs of Thessaloniki

    Savina Yannatou Songs of Thessaloniki

    Listeners will be surprised to hear Salonika - the immortal Irish ballad popularised by Cork balladeer Jimmy Crowley - nestling among this eclectic collection which draws on the rich traditions of the Greek city of Thessaloniki.