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Nora Webster: an austere majesty which bears echoes of James Joyce's short story, The Dead.

Nora Webster by Colm Tóibín

Nora Webster is a masterful, often moving novel, which explores with striking emotional authority the life of a recently bereaved woman in 1960s small-town Ireland.

  • Julianne Moore plays unfulfilled actress Havana Segrand

    Maps to the Stars

    After the dull Cosmopolis, David Cronenberg returns to form in a dark tale from Hollywood, with Julianne Moore, Evan Bird, John Cusack and Olivia Williams delivering particularly strong performances.

  • Denzel Washington plays vigilante Robert McCall

    The Equalizer

    John Byrne is unimpressed with the Denzel Washington-starring vigilante killer movie loosely based on the hit 1980s' TV series of the same name

  • Painter in sound: it's almost as if Charles Mingus deconstructed the Big Band sound to make his loping, colourful compositions.

    Charles Mingus Mingus Moods

    Bassist and composer Charles Mingus (1922-1979) was a colossus of jazz , whose legacy is alive and well 35 years after his passing. This 4-CD set draws on a fecund period between 1956 and 1960.

  • Len's latest manual for failure is both wise and wicked

    Leonard Cohen - Popular Problems

    At a wise and stately 80 Cohen remains one of the great voyagers and chroniclers of the heart. Read our review.

  • Intimate domestic settings - a young boy, a grandmother, a sister, mother, an absent or deceased father - in stories that veer between the childhood and adulthood of their young male protagonists.

    The Scatter Here is Too Great by Bilal Tanweer

    This daring debut novel from Tanweer must be commended for its sensitive yet knowing depiction of recent, troubled times in urban Pakistan.

  • Corea compositions are given a new spin by this bright and sympathetic trio.

    Chick Corea Trilogy

    In his long career at the piano keys, Chick Corea has won no less than 20 Grammy awards. His latest three-CD set was drawn on live recordings in the USA, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Turkey and Japan.

  • Noble hinges on Deirdre O'Kane's subtle but affecting performance


    Noble hinges on Deirdre O'Kane's subtle but affecting performance, and she has the comic timing to do Christina's wit and charm justice. Read our review.

  • Liam Neeson in A Walk Among The Tombstones

    A Walk Among The Tombstones

    Set your quibbles aside and enjoy the intricate twists and turns of this compelling thriller, which features an outstanding Liam Neeson as the maverick cop, Scudder.

  • No chemistry between Emma Stone and Colin Firth

    Magic in the Moonlight

    The film's charming leads, Colin Firth and Emma Stone, unfortunately can't save this weak romantic comedy that relies on style over substance.

  • The Script: The self-belief doesn't quite match the songs

    The Script - No Sound Without Silence

    The Script are back to turf those pesky Kodaline kids out of the emotional fallout shelter. Read our review.

  • Bold, sensual adventure is ever-present in this daringly explorative production, recorded in New York.

    Stefano Bollani Joy In Spite Of Everything

    No preconceptions' was the rule imposed for the recording of Joy In Spite Of Everything, made by a band brought together for the session, led by the imaginative Italian pianist,Stefano Bollani.

  • Tara Breathnach

    A Nightingale Falling

    This overly pretty tale of the Irish War of Independence was shot on an impressively low budget but it strains both credulity and patience.

  • Outline is the mesmeric seventh novel from Rachel Cusk. Like Stendhal, the author can move seamlessly through many scenarios yet hold the reader's attention without fail.

    Outline by Rachel Cusk

    Rachel Cusk's magically tremulous narrative moves seamlessly along a carousel of different people's stories, told during a summer writing course in Athens. It may be the best novel you could read this year.

  • A compelling account of the struggle for independence by the noted historian Charles Townshend

    The Republic by Charles Townshend

    Townsend's careful, appealing study - recently published in paperback - may well be the definitive account of the struggle for Irish Independence.