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Masterchef winner: Dylan, Nick are dynamic duo

1 of 1 Diana Dodog
Diana Dodog

Masterchef Ireland winner Diana Dodog has said that "Nick was always trying to make up sometimes for Dylan's brutal honesty but they were both fantastic."

She told RTE TEN: "Nick and Dylan are the dynamic duo. Nick being the front of house person and Dylan being the chef.

"I was looking forward to any kind of criticism from them because I wanted to learn from it. I was ready to take any criticism from them because I have great respect for both of them, they have great experience, working through the best restaurants in the world. You want to get feedback from them.

"Dylan is very tough but very fair. Nick, always with the lovely smile, butter wouldn't melt, you just want to hug him. Nick was always trying to make up sometimes for Dylan's brutal honesty but they were both fantastic."

Despite offers from a number of restaurants, the Hungarian winner has chosen to focus on her new food truck business, Food Depot, with her husband, Michael O'Donovan, in West Cork.

Winning Masterchef Ireland is "a genuine advertisement" of what the chef is already doing with her husband in the Food Depot, as "you're only as good as your last meal".

However, despite the high of winning the show, she did miss one of her new pals in the final: "Hugh Mullan, my good friend, I thought he was going to go all the way. I had a dream about being with him in the final, standing next to him.

"I think he has great passion for food and I'm sure he's going to show up some day and show a guest appearance at my food truck in West Cork. We've kept in contact, this is a great thing to come out of the competition, to meet like minded people"

The chef was confidant too of her her chances in the competition: "Yes, this was my dream. This was my time, I can't explain it any other way. My friends, family or anyone who knows me knew I was determined to get there."

She added: "The venison sealed the deal. I watch them back now [on the RTÉ Player] scoffing it all up, leaving nothing on the plate, they really enjoyed it and I was really proud of that."

The straight-talking chef shared her tips on how she kept her eyes on the prize: "I kept really focused, I cut anyone and everyone out of my life. People were gossiping about me leaving Michael (O'Donovan, her husband). We live in a small village and people were  saying 'Oh my God, she's moved out, we haven't seen her in a month!'

"You have to move away from home  and just be there, focused, try to eat healthy, try to sleep well, you have to keep up your energy level, otherwise this is not going to happen.

"I would love to say to anyone who is passionate about food, just go for it, follow your dream. I applied in the last hour of the deadline. So go for it and if you're really passionate about something, you will get there."

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