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Music Reviews

This blunt examination of the end of love is certainly emotionally raw

The Coronas - The Long Way

Danny O'Reilly picks over the end of his relationship with television presenter Laura Whitmore on this strident and angry new album from the Dublin rockers

  • Andy Warhol of lo-fi pop or puerile agent provacateur?

    Ariel Pink - Pom Pom

    Ariel Pink's fever dream of crazed influences and free-association is already one of the most divisive albums of the year. Alan Corr braves a listen

  • An impishly seductive piece of work.

    Jaime Nanci & The Blueboys - TOY

    Dublin singer Jaime Nanci and The Blueboys cook up dark but payful jazz on their sparkling debut

  • There are no quick clicks or obvious choices here

    Jennifer Evans - Works from the Dip and Foul

    There are no quick clicks or obvious choices here.

  • Charles Llloyd in the Mid-sixties: real verve and a spirit of enquiry and musical experimentation.

    Charles Lloyd Manhattan Stories

    Saxophonist and flautist Charles Lloyd was recently interviewed in the pages of RTÉ TEN, in advance of his Dublin visit. Music recorded in two New York venues in 1965 by a Lloyd-led quartet are the matter of two CDs just released.

  • More lush and lost than lusty and louche

    Bryan Ferry - Avonmore

    Ferry makes a return to Roxy Music's late seventies commerical prime with a bittersweet set tinged with heartache and regret

  • The Cookers: excitement and mastery on seventh album from the NY-based band.

    The Cookers Time and Time Again

    Five of The Cookers are stalwarts of the New York scene who were around for the raw excitement of the mid-sixties. But all seven are having fun like new-comers on this exhilarating record.

  • Slavic majesty: The Marcin Wasilewski Trio

    Marcin Wasilewski Trio Spark of Life

    On their fourth ECM album, the Marcin Wasilewski Trio (with saxophonist Joakim Milder) conjure a keen sense of the contemporary, building imaginative soundscapes that are spectrally new and original.

  • Simple Minds - the propulsive beat goes on and on . .

    Simple Minds Big Music

    As evidenced by their sixteenth album, Simple Minds are still alive and still kicking with admirable verve and commitment, over 30 years on from their glory days.

  • Soulful and sophisticated, 1982's Well Kept Secret was Martyn's most commercially successful album.

    John Martyn Well Kept Secret

    This remastered reissue of Well Kept Secret is, at the very least, tinged with genius as one would expect on most recordings from the Scottish musician who died in January 2009.

  • Miles Davis in the early fifties - amiable, genial, light in temperament: all the melancholia  and tempests were yet to come.

    Miles Davis Take Off The Complete Blue Note Albums

    The three Miles Davis albums for Blue Note have about them an amiable, innocent air and if you like your jazz to cheer you up then walk right in, for forlorn ballads are few.

  • Dogged self-belief has rarely sounded so wonderful or so inspiring

    Delorentos - Night Becomes Light

    This brilliantly fast and urgent fifth album from Dublin band Delorentos explodes with big melodies and big ambitions.

  • Lily-O: Sam Amidon's Americana heritage deconstructed

    Sam Amidon Lily-O

    Sam Amidon has reimagined old American ballads on Lily-O and the results are compellingly beautiful, free-flowing and coloured by the ragged glory of Bill Frisell's foregrounded electric guitar.

  • Caterina Zapponi: in a romantic mood which involves yearning and loss as well as joie de vivre

    Caterina Zapponi Romantica

    Daughter of an Italian father and a French mother, New York resident Caterina Zapponi switches easily between both her parental languages on this charming 13-track record.

  • Painter in sound: it's almost as if Charles Mingus deconstructed the Big Band sound to make his loping, colourful compositions.

    Charles Mingus Mingus Moods

    Bassist and composer Charles Mingus (1922-1979) was a colossus of jazz , whose legacy is alive and well 35 years after his passing. This 4-CD set draws on a fecund period between 1956 and 1960.