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A bravado mix of waspish humour, pure mischief and deadly earnestness

Morrissey: World Peace is None of Your Business

The campaign for Morrissey's five night stand at Croker begins here.

  • Last Dance: imaginative, ruminative spins on the classics

    Keith Jarrett Charlie Haden Last Dance

    Bassist Charlie Haden and pianist Keith Jarrett hadn't played together in over three decades when they recorded this fine album seven years ago, now finally released.

  • A slight return to electro dusting and serpentine rhythms

    David Gray - Mutineers

    David Gray makes a strong return with a musically varied tenth album

  • The saxophone colossus, Sonny Rollins

    Sonny Rollins The Contemporary Leader

    This four-CD set assembles 42 diverse tracks from Sonny Rollins, the so-called "saxophone colossus", who is still blowing his tenor sax at the age of 83.

  • Good small hours company

    Joanna Jakma - The Letting Go

    Good small hours company.

  • Tommy Halferty's latest album, Burkina

    Tommy Halferty Trio Burkina

    Burkina sees the legendary Irish jazz guitarist Tommy Halferty team up with drummer Kevin Brady and double bassist Dave Redmond for music that veers between the reflective and the frenetic.

  • Soy Califa: blissful bebop - and a tender ballad - live in Copenhagen.

    Dexter Gordon - Soy Califa

    This live 1967 school recording from Denmark shows the celebrated tenor saxophonist and his sidemen in top form. And as befits these legendary practicioners of the great art, it's a vinyl release.

  • Your new favourite band or supreme masters of studied rock history?

    Parquet Courts - "Sunbathing Animal"

    Weird name - weird guys!

  • Ensemble Ériu: the organics of Irish music . .

    Ensemble Ériu

    Ensemble Ériu deal with the organics of Irish music, tweaking it on a new palette of colours, involving subtle electronics, marimba and trombone, among the more familiar instruments.

  • Jacob Young's debut: real promise for the future.

    Jacob Young Forever Young

    Jacob Young's debut album begins with the best wine - the two opening tracks - but following that promising start, there are some forays into what sounds dangerously like easy listening.

  • Freewheeling charm ensues

    DFF - Pouric Songs

    Not a companion album from the Cost Plus Sofas people but just as rump-focused as anything they might offer,

  • You can see J1ers being handed the download code at the airport

    Family of the Year- Loma Vista

    You can see J1ers being handed the download code at the airport.

  • There are some impressive forays into nocturnal ambience

    Coldplay - Ghost Stories

    Coldplay go electro blues on their curative sixth album. You'd have to be very hard hearted or a Kasabian fan not to be moved by some of the new songs

  • Vijay Iyer: Cutting edge New York pianist pushing the sonic envelope

    Vijay Iyer Mutations

    Vijay Iyer's Mutations sees the cutting-edge New York pianist pushing the sonic envelope with mixed results.

  • Modern life is still (mostly) rubbish

    Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots

    Damon Albarn is at his city sad ballad man best on his debut solo album. It's full of gorgeous melodies and melancholia but it can be hard to find the actual tunes.