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Prog metal's new Camino do Santiago

Album Review: Dream Theater - The Astonishing ****

Prog metal's new Camino do Santiago.

  • High octane, fun-lovin', something something blue collar man..

    Hank Williams Jr - It's About Time

    It's hard to resist the Southern swagger and charm of Hank Williams Jr - and it's hard to forget the legend - but with a bit more meaning and less of the partying he could have made a cracker.

  • Rumors of Fleetwood Mac play Bord Gáis theatre on January 31

    Rumours of Fleetwood Mac are True

    Fleetwood Mac tribute band Rumours of Fleetwood Mac play the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre on Sunday January 31 as part of their world tour. Paddy Kehoe spoke to the band's drummer and founder member, Allan Cosgrove.

  • New DVD/Blu-Ray captures Taste in the summer of 1970 shortly before the parting of the ways .

    DVD review: Taste Live at the Isle of Wight

    Few, if any of the 600,000 folks gathered on the Isle of Wight on that summer day in 1970 would have known that blues trio Taste had decided to split when Murray Lerner captured them on film as they headed for the exit in a powerful performance.

  • Larry Young: worked with Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana and Jack Bruce before his untimely passing in 1978.

    Larry Young in Paris: The ORTF Recordings

    Hammond organist Larry Young recorded with Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana, performed with Jack Bruce, and featured on Miles Davis's seminal Bitches Brew album. These sparkling sessions, the ORTF Recordings, are drawn from the fruitful mid-1960s period.

  • Bowie's swansong, Blackstar - baleful but dappled with beauty.

    David Bowie - Blackstar

    Blackstar, the 26th and final studio album - that we know of - from David Bowie is a characteristically baleful, but reflective record that packs one last punch in style.

  • Eight Winds: Seductive and sensual flights of fancy  as a modern master takes a Byzantine template and makes it his own.

    Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet Eight Winds

    Eight Winds is an utterly beautiful record, imagined into being with love by an Athens-born master of the stringed instrument known as the lyra.

  • The Royal Bopsters Project: The dominant tone is effervescence, but those tight harmonies suggest much dedication

    London, Meader, Pramuk, Ross - Royal Bopsters

    Come Fly with Me is rebooted as Let's Fly on The Royal Bopsters Project and the result is a warm feeling of charming effervescence, as four American vocalese specialists are joined by veterans, including the late Mark Murphy.

  • Tubby Hayes - genius tenor sax player and first British jazz soloist to play the USA.

    Tubby Hayes - A Man in a Hurry

    Tubby Hayes was the most revered of all British jazz musicians, a man in a hurry indeed who died on June 8, 1973 in Hammersmith Hospital at a mere 38 years of age. A new DVD charts the short but brilliant career.

  • The default setting of widescreen exotic shimmers, twittering, and waves of mass euphoria are all here

    Coldplay - A Head Full of Dreams

    Obama, Beyoncé and daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow and Noel Gallagher join Coldplay for their "farewell" album. It's star-studded for sure but it's also pop painting by numbers with all the hallmarks of typical - if not classic - Coldplay

  • 21st century Celts

    The Corrs - White Light

    The 21st century Celts return after a ten-year break with more of the same. Fans will rejoice; detractors will not

  • You can really feel the ache in his voice

    Gavin James - Bitter Pill

    The Dublin singer does something a lot more than mere Ed Sheeranisms on his debut studio album

  • Van Morrison His Band and The Street Choir -  the sum of its influences. He had been listening closely to lots of different music all those Belfast years and it shows.

    Van Morrison - His Band and The Street Choir

    His Band and The Street Choir, first released in 1970, is a curious album, self-consciously wearing the sum of its influences, but elusive in spirit.

  • Astral Weeks - Irish heartbeat, mystic strivings.

    Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

    One of the great cult records of our time, Van Morrison's album Astral Weeks has been remastered with four unreleased takes of songs from the original record included as bonus tracks.

  • The Freewheeling Josh Ritter

    Josh Ritter - Sermon on The Rocks

    Ritter shakes himself out of a love funk on this triumphant rock-out of a return