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Music Reviews

Dogged self-belief has rarely sounded so wonderful or so inspiring

Delorentos - Night Becomes Light

This brilliantly fast and urgent fifth album from Dublin band Delorentos explodes with big melodies and big ambitions.

  • Lily-O: Sam Amidon's Americana heritage deconstructed

    Sam Amidon Lily-O

    Sam Amidon has reimagined old American ballads on Lily-O and the results are compellingly beautiful, free-flowing and coloured by the ragged glory of Bill Frisell's foregrounded electric guitar.

  • Caterina Zapponi: in a romantic mood which involves yearning and loss as well as joie de vivre

    Caterina Zapponi Romantica

    Daughter of an Italian father and a French mother, New York resident Caterina Zapponi switches easily between both her parental languages on this charming 13-track record.

  • Painter in sound: it's almost as if Charles Mingus deconstructed the Big Band sound to make his loping, colourful compositions.

    Charles Mingus Mingus Moods

    Bassist and composer Charles Mingus (1922-1979) was a colossus of jazz , whose legacy is alive and well 35 years after his passing. This 4-CD set draws on a fecund period between 1956 and 1960.

  • Corea compositions are given a new spin by this bright and sympathetic trio.

    Chick Corea Trilogy

    In his long career at the piano keys, Chick Corea has won no less than 20 Grammy awards. His latest three-CD set was drawn on live recordings in the USA, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Turkey and Japan.

  • Len's latest manual for failure is both wise and wicked

    Leonard Cohen - Popular Problems

    At a wise and stately 80 Cohen remains one of the great voyagers and chroniclers of the heart. Read our review.

  • The Script: The self-belief doesn't quite match the songs

    The Script - No Sound Without Silence

    The Script are back to turf those pesky Kodaline kids out of the emotional fallout shelter. Read our review.

  • Bold, sensual adventure is ever-present in this daringly explorative production, recorded in New York.

    Stefano Bollani Joy In Spite Of Everything

    No preconceptions' was the rule imposed for the recording of Joy In Spite Of Everything, made by a band brought together for the session, led by the imaginative Italian pianist,Stefano Bollani.

  • A talent who has clearly learned from the greats but isn't trying to ape them as he finds his way

    Blake Mills - Heigh-Ho

    If ever a record belonged in the realm of Rainy Day Albums, it's Mills' second

  • Thirtysomething, loud and snotty

    Death from Above 1979 - The Physical World

    Thirtysomething, loud and snotty.

  • Any colour you want as long as it's black
  • Åkerfeldt and co go further down the prog rabbit hole of 2011's Heritage

    Opeth - Pale Communion

    An album that sees Mikael Åkerfeldt and co go further down the prog rabbit hole of 2011's Heritage and asks fans if they can manage to squeeze in too.

  • A good job throughout

    Dave O'Neill - Say Something

    Dave O'Neill went the Fundit route for his debut album, with those who ponied up owing themselves a pat on the back for money well spent.

  • Synth pop's androgynous ice maiden

    La Roux - Trouble in Paradise

    Elly Jackson makes her long overdue return with an album that's both danceable and thought-provoking.

  • A bravado mix of waspish humour, pure mischief and deadly earnestness

    Morrissey: World Peace is None of Your Business

    The campaign for Morrissey's five night stand at Croker begins here.