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Like nothing else in music right now

Girl Band - Holding Hands with Jamie

Dublin's Girl Band may owe something to early post-punk mavericks like The Pop Group and The Birthday Party but they sound like nothing else in music right now on their harrowing but blackly funny debut album

  • Hawley: through a glass, darkly

    Richard Hawley - Hollow Meadows

    Hawley recorded his eighth album while recovering from a broken leg and a slipped disc - it's given him plenty of time for bittersweet reflection and epiphany

  • They've plenty more in the tank

    Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls

    Five years on from the excellent The Final Frontier, Harry Guerin finds the metal icons are far from finished.

  • Uncompromisingly deep-delving but dazzling too: Pérez Patitucci Blade

    Pérez Patitucci Blade - Children of the Light

    Intended in part as a thank you gift to Wayne Shorter with whom the trio three spent over ten years in the master saxophonist's quartet, Children of the Light burns with muscular vibrancy.

  • A slice of UK musical life-form from 1970-1971, with three albums in the one box.

    Turtle Records Pioneering British Jazz 1970-1971

    Three individual British albums released by music legends Mike Osborne, Howard Riley and John Taylor and released in one year - 1970-1971 - are the matter of this neat box set reissue.

  • Christian McBride Trio having fun in New York last December

    Christian McBride Trio Live at Village Vanguard

    Drummer Ulysses Owens, Jr and  pianist Christian Sands joined veteran bassist Christian McBride to form this trio sometime around 2010, but they waited until 2014 to record this live outing at the New York venue.

  • Arriving comprises a live session from Ronnie Scotts, with additional new material, as Loose Tubes reform.

    Loose Tubes Arriving

    Live and newer studio cuts mingle seamlessly for this sparkling release from British jazz legends, Loose Tubes who have reformed for late September UK gigs.

  • Torch song, funk, soul - everything bar country music from Ane. Maybe next time she'ill go to Nashville and do a Patsy Cline thang.

    Ane Brun When I'm Free

    Slow-burning and sonically adventurous, Ane Brun's new record blends soul, funky bass ruminations and ethereal voices. It's a pleasant taster for what should be an impressive gig from the Norwegian singer who plays Vicar Street on December 7.

  • Friends and guests gathered to perform with Andy at Vicar Street in 2012, now on CD and DVD

    Andy Irvine 70th Birthday Concert Vicar St DVD/CD

    A recently-released DVD and CD capture the electric atmosphere at Andy Irvine's 70th birthday nights at Vicar Street in 2012.

  • You will not doubt The North Sea's conviction and ambition

    The North Sea - Anniversary

    Dublin band The North Sea deliver a hugely Impressive debut bristling with passion and rapture

  • Joe Locke: Effervescent spirit

    Joe Locke Love is a Pendulum

    There is no sense of a musician resting on his laurels in this busily adventurous and, yes, vibrant, album from the American veteran of the vibes, who once incidentally collaborated with the Beastie Boys.

  • Elina Duni's Dallëndyshe: an intriguing marriage of modern, piano-led jazz with passionate Albanian folk song.

    Elina Duni Quartet Dallëndyshe

    An Albanian singer who was raised in Switzerland, Elina Duni teamed up over a decade ago with pianist Colin Vallon during music studies at the Hochschule der Kunste in Berne. Her second LP for ECM applies an open-ended jazz sensibility to Albanian song.

  • Fresu and di Bonaventura: gentle grace and subtlety, and an existentialist looking inward.

    Paolo Fresu/Daniela di Bonaventura In Maggiore

    Take the stark, often wistful trumpet and flugelhorn skills of Paolo Fresu and marry them with the chromatic, orchestral qualities of di Bonaventura's bandoneon. That's what you get on this no fuss, gently insinuating project.

  • There's nothing on concept caper Drones that 2009's The Resistance and 2012's The 2nd Law didn't do better

    Muse - Drones

    There's nothing on concept caper Drones that 2009's The Resistance and 2012's The 2nd Law didn't do better.

  • Master of the double bass: Ron Carter on the first album of his tunes recorded with a big band

    Ron Carter, WDR Big Band My Personal Songbook

    Ron Carter (born 1937) is a legend of the double bass and his collaboration with this Cologne-based Big Band is a richly-varied affair, with some notable solo work among the lush arrangements.