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"And One Direction are down to four men and they're playing on . . . "

Ó Muircheartaigh offers to teach 1D's Harry Irish

RTÉ sports commentating legend Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh says that he wants to give Harry Styles Irish lessons after hearing that the 1D star has difficulty pronouncing his name.

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  • Sound & Color is the sound of a band on a questing mission Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color

    The surprise break-out band of 2012 ditch the soul, blues, gospel gumbo for a more adventurous follow-up

  • Fluency and striking imagination: Wes Montgomery Wes Montgomery In the Beginning

    The Who's Peter Townshend idolised guitarist Wes Montgomery as a young teen and he writes a two-page appreciation of the musician in the liner notes to this delightful 2-Cd set.

  • Mark Murphy: the pathos is underlined all the more keenly by suave treatments that upend the expected mood of sadness in his versions of love songs. Mark Murphy Shadows

    Recorded in Slovenia over two days in June 1996, the Mark Murphy album, Shadows, was only released late last year, a rare, belated dispatch from the veteran jazz singer who Ella Fitzgerald regarded as one of the best.

The Wombats - Glitterbug
Cocky synth pop bravado riddled with self-doubt

The Wombats go from indie landfill to hyperventilating synth overkill on this tiresome and tawdry third album

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