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Louis Walsh "I knew it was going to happen because these boyband's they get four or five years and then somebody wants to leave"

Watch! Louis Walsh "knew" about Zayn's exit

Louis Walsh has said that he "knew" Zayn Malik was going to leave One Direction, and that his departure could be "the beginning of the end" for the popular boyband. Click through to watch the interview.

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  • A hugely accomplished debut album Cry Monster Cry - Rhythm of Dawn

    Dublin brothers Jamie and Richie Martin craft a spooked folk rock classic with their debut album

  • The image suggests violence but what we get is sensual delight through the hands of the oud master Anouhar Brahem. Souvenance by Anouar Brahem

    In advance of his appearance at the National Concert Hall on April 11, savour the hypnotic secrets of Anouar Brahim's music for oud, quartet and string orchestra on this new two-CD set.

  • A warped lullaby for the weird at heart Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin

    Coventry-born Obaro Ejimiwe darts in and out of the darkness on his excellent third album

Songs for Quintet Kenny Wheeler
LKenny Wheeler's valedictory: melancholy and sensual

The British jazz musician Kenny Wheeler recorded his last album, Songs for Quinitet at Abbey Road in December 2013, prior to his passing in September 2014, aged 84. The valedictory mood mixes melancholy, bluesy swing and Latin bravura.

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