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Ora: "It's got a lot of honest truth"

Rita Ora wants 'work of art' album

R.I.P hitmaker Rita Ora says she has been working hard to make her new album a ''work of art''.

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  • Cheery, companionable set, dominated by four Ellington-related tunes. Oscar Peterson Ben Webster During This Time

    As evidenced by this CD/DVD package, four highly-skilled musicians - only one of whom survives - were clearly having fun in a predominantly bluesy swing set recorded in 1972, in Germany.

  • John Coltrane: explosive but mellifluous too, canny poet of the saxophone John Coltrane Out of This World

    Fans will rush to acquire this 4-CD set of saxophonist John Coltrane in his prime, comprising live selections and studio recordings, from the heady period following the release of his seminal 1960 album, Giant Steps.

  • Rarely has a band sounded so desperate to be liked. Foster The People - Supermodel

    Foster The People are burdened with delusions of grandeur on their second album.

Billy Hart Quartet One Is The Other
Billy Hart Quartet: spirited escapades in jazz

Billy Hart Quartet's One Is The Other is all about a sense of evasive delight that does not trade in overt emotion. Yet if Claude Debussy were alive he would marvel at the record.

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