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Coldplay play six special dates to launch sixth album

Coldplay announce six special shows

Coldplay will play six special shows to mark the release of their new album Ghost Stories, it has been announced.

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  • John Coltrane: explosive but mellifluous too, canny poet of the saxophone John Coltrane Out of This World

    Fans will rush to acquire this 4-CD set of saxophonist John Coltrane in his prime, comprising live selections and studio recordings, from the heady period following the release of his seminal 1960 album, Giant Steps.

  • Rarely has a band sounded so desperate to be liked. Foster The People - Supermodel

    Foster The People are burdened with delusions of grandeur on their second album.

  • The War on Drugs get lost in the big skies and endless vistas of heartland rock The War on Drugs - Lost in The Dream

    Philadelphia's War on Drugs hit the road on an enjoyable heartland rock odyssey but take some very cool detours along the way

During This Time Oscar Peterson Ben Webster
Cheery, companionable set, dominated by four Ellington-related tunes.

As evidenced by this CD/DVD package, four highly-skilled musicians - only one of whom survives - were clearly having fun in a predominantly bluesy swing set recorded in 1972, in Germany.

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