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Kanye said WHAT about Taylor?!

Kanye defends Taylor Swift "diss" in new Twitter rant

Kanye West has said he "did not diss" Taylor Swift in his latest track Famous, in which he claims to be responsible for her success and that Swift "gave her blessing" for the line to be included.

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  • High octane, fun-lovin', something something blue collar man.. Hank Williams Jr - It's About Time

    It's hard to resist the Southern swagger and charm of Hank Williams Jr - and it's hard to forget the legend - but with a bit more meaning and less of the partying he could have made a cracker.

  • Rumors of Fleetwood Mac play Bord Gáis theatre on January 31 Rumours of Fleetwood Mac are True

    Fleetwood Mac tribute band Rumours of Fleetwood Mac play the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre on Sunday January 31 as part of their world tour. Paddy Kehoe spoke to the band's drummer and founder member, Allan Cosgrove.

  • New DVD/Blu-Ray captures Taste in the summer of 1970 shortly before the parting of the ways . DVD review: Taste Live at the Isle of Wight

    Few, if any of the 600,000 folks gathered on the Isle of Wight on that summer day in 1970 would have known that blues trio Taste had decided to split when Murray Lerner captured them on film as they headed for the exit in a powerful performance.

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