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Allen - Shared photos of Ireland with fans

Ireland becomes holiday hotspot for celebs

Ireland seems to have turned into a bit of a hotspot for celebrities with both singer Lily Allen and Hollywood actor Henry Cavill spotted spending their summer holidays on our fair isle.

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  • The eye candy is back! Magic Mike XXL

    Magic Mike and the gang are back! And this time around the costumes (or lack of) are tighter, the dance moves are raunchier, and as the title suggests, everything is bigger and better. Are you ready for an encore?

  • Ol' Red Eyes is back Terminator Genisys

    Ol' Red Eyes is back - Genisys is no must see, but it's no popcorn-wasting disaster either.

  • In an never-ending search for pure evil Minions

    The Esperanto-spouting servants of fiendish evil romp through their first full feature and they're helped along by a very starry cast.

Amy Winehouse

Asif Kapadia's new documentary about pop's lost girl Amy Winehouse is a desperately sad portrait of a long, drawn-out and very public death. It will break your heart and leave you angry

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