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Walsh - Will begin filming next month in Yorkshire

Aisling Walsh to direct Priestley classic for BBC

Song for a Raggy Boy director Aisling Walsh is to direct David Thewlis, Ken Stott and Miranda Richardson in the BBC One adaptation of the classic JB Priestley stage thriller An Inspector Calls.

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  • Colin Firth brings buckets of fun to his role as a kick-ass spy Kingsman: The Secret Service

    While Colin Firth may not take his martini shaken in Kingsman, this Bond-esque flick, packs just enough punch to keep your senses stirring throughout.

  • Trash Trash

    The three young leads steal the show in this hugely enjoyable thriller about a group of boys who discover something precious-but-dangerous in a Rio rubbish dump

  • Ewan McGregor plays Brendan, a tough Scottish gangster Son of a Gun

    Ewan McGregor is the budget-approving name in this slightly-flawed-but-lotsa-fun gangster heist movie from a first-time Australian director

Inherent Vice
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The Very Long Goodbye.

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