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Sheehan - Starring opposite Lily Cole, Jack Fox and Tamzin Merchant in The Messenger

Robert Sheehan to star in supernatural thriller

Love/Hate's Robert Sheehan is to star in a new supernatural thriller called The Messenger, which begins principal photography this week in the UK.

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  • Serkis and Kebbell steal the whole show in face of mostly wooden human performances Dawn of The Planet of The Apes

    A highly-involved drama and action flick that really does come down from the trees

  • Boyhood documents the growth of 6-year-old Mason and his family over 12 years. Boyhood

    Filmed over 12 years, Boyhood is a unique experience, which effortlessly spans the growth of one boy named Mason, resulting in a genuinely captivating story.

  • The feelgood hit of the summer Begin Again

    The feelgood hit of the summer.

Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon
Shep Gordon: from havoc to hammock

Everyone from Alice Cooper to Michael Douglas lines up to pay homage to legendary music and movie manager Shep Gordon in this rollicking documentary by Mike Myers

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