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Killzone: Shadow Fall

Visually stunning, Shadow Fall is also the most engaging Killzone game to date.

Killzone’s debut on the PS4 is the best in the series to date, writes John Walshe.

Welcome to the future. The year is 2370, and fires have reduced the planet of Helghan to a lifeless rock, with the result that the warlike Helghast are weirdly given half of Vekta, their former enemy’s home planet. An uneasy truce prevails; indeed, thousands of Vektans are forced to move from their homes to make way for the Helghan settlers.

The game begins as two of those leaving their home, pre-teen Lucas Kellan and his father Michael, find themselves embroiled in a ...

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The graphics are just as cartoony as you'd hope!

Corny and cheesy it may be, but Lego Marvel Super Heroes is also cartoon heaven for gamers, writes John Walshe.

Following on in the grand tradition of Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings, this time around it’s the turn of Marvel’s heroes and villains to get the full-on Lego treatment.

You take control of a plethora of plasticised superheroes, from Spider-Man to Wolverine, Hawkeye to Hulk, as you bid to thwart Doctor Doom and his legion of bad guys from collecting enough cosmic bricks (bits of the Silver Surfer’s board) to create the ...

Need For Speed Rivals

High octane thrills without too much simulation.

EA’s latest arcade racer is revved up and ready for action, writes John Walshe.

The Need For Speed series has proved one of the most successful arcade racing franchises ever created, and it’s not hard to see why. The games plug into racing fans’ need for high octane thrills without too much simulation getting in the way.

That’s not to say that the cars don’t handle realistically - they do. And what magnificent mechanised machines they are. But the racing here is all about adrenaline rather than realism: smash your car off the side of a suspension ...


Xbox One: Downloadable Titles

John Walshe puts the Xbox One's downloadable games through their paces.

The game play is so tense that you won't have time for sightseeing.

Forza Motorsport 5

John Walshe puts Microsoft's new driving sim through its paces.

You are plunged into a desperate search through Rapture on the eve of its fall from grace.

BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 1

The latest downloadable content for BioShock Infinite sees our hero return to Rapture, writes John Walshe.

"The majesty and cruelty of Rome is laid out in glorious, magnificent detail."

Ryse: Son Of Rome

Ryse looks amazing and sounds great, but is it any good as a game? John Walshe finds out.

"The engines sound so realistic; you expect exhaust fumes to emanate from your TV."

F1 2013

Once more around the circuit for long-running Formula One sim, writes John Walshe.

"You find yourself up to your nosehairs in flying cannonballs as you plunder Spanish ships."

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Causing havoc on the high seas has never been so much fun, writes John Walshe.

Cartoon violence and OTT game-play

Saints Row IV

Gun toting Presidents, aliens with English accents and 1950s sit-coms. All in a day's work for Saints Row IV, writes John Walshe.