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Fair City Dec 8 - 12

1 of 4 Dan kisses Carol
Dan kisses Carol
2 of 4 Rachel gets another abusive text
Rachel gets another abusive text
3 of 4 Callum tells Paul and Niamh about Ruth and the needle
Callum tells Paul and Niamh about Ruth and the needle
4 of 4 Paul admits to Jane that he's attracted to her
Paul admits to Jane that he's attracted to her

This week in Carraigstown, Jane makes a move on Paul, and causes a stir in McCoy's.

Niamh chats to Dolores about Rachel being so down and Dolores suggests she is just embarrassed but Niamh thinks it’s something more and they speculate is it because of a boy she fancies.  Niamh notes she has been getting a lot of texts and phone messages recently and Dolores thinks she should take her out and get her to open up to her one to one.

Elsewhere, Yvonne bumps into Bob and chats about Martin saying she’s not looking for a serious relationship and criticises Carol for jumping into another disastrous relationship when she sees them chatting. An eager Martin calls Yvonne wondering if she wants to meet up later on. Later Martin calls into Vino's and takes Yvonne by surprise.

Meanwhile, Dan and Carol have breakfast all loved up from the night before but Jack cries in his bedroom and it brings them back to reality. Dan has to leave and he light-heartedly complains he’s too tired for work but mentions how it was worth it.

Later in the week, a put out Paul wonders why Niamh is helping Jane to get work in McCoy’s as they’ll end up seeing even more of her. Niamh is forced to admit her motives are self-serving; getting a job would allow Jane to move out of their old house helping her to set up her own life apart from them. Niamh asks if Orla could offer Jane some shifts in McCoy’s. Orla doubts she’ll like Jane much either but on Niamh’s insistence she reluctantly agrees to meet Jane.

Also, Ama and Laura hand out flyers for the clean-up of the park after her incident. Ama empathises with an uptight Laura as she tries to get her to open up to her fears, but she insists she just wants to be kept busy. Laura tries to hand Yvonne a leaflet as she rushes past her.

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