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Emmerdale Oct 7 - 11

1 of 4 Poor Edna is feeling the wrath of Ashley
Poor Edna is feeling the wrath of Ashley
2 of 4 Pollard leaves Emmerdale
Pollard leaves Emmerdale
3 of 4 A terrified Amy makes a desperate bid to save little Kyle
A terrified Amy makes a desperate bid to save little Kyle
4 of 4 Amy tries to warm Kyle bringing life back to his motionless body
Amy tries to warm Kyle bringing life back to his motionless body

After Marlon's proposal to Laurel last week, Ashley is not just upset, he's raging. So much so that Edna is worried about him but also for her own safety. When he receives his divorce papers in the post – he loses the plot altogether and when Laurel arrives to explain that she would love them to remain friends, he flies off the handle.

Edna finally confides in Laurel, sharing her concern but when Ashley finds out that they've been talking about him, he lashes out again. The only wake up call he gets is when he sees the fear on Edna's face and slowly but surely realizes that he has a problem.

Another Emmerdale resident who is going through some tough times is Paddy – when he realizes that Marlon and Vanessa have manipulated him into seeing Rhona, he snaps. The timing isn't great then when he arrives home and sees Chas waiting for him, also asking him to meet up with his wife and he pushes her away too.

He leaves Vanessa and Marlon very worried when he tells them that its time to tell Rhona that its over. Meanwhile he lets Chas go for a run with him to clear the air. They decide to head off for a day together and are about to kick off a game of bowling when Rhona walks in. Chas pushes the two together for a chat.

Later on Chas and Paddy confide in each other over a bottle of wine and one thing leads to another. When Vanessa and Marlon find out what they've been up to, they aren't backwards about sharing their disgust.

Plus Vanessa isn't giving up – she sets out to convince Paddy of his love for Rhona. He also surprises everyone by coming clean to Rhona about his night of passion with Chas.

Meanwhile Pollard leaves the village on his own, asking Val to mind Amy. The ladies feel guilty over poor Eric but the mood changes when they see that Joanie is beginning to soften. Together they all head down to the river for a nice relaxing time out however tragedy strikes when poor little Kyle falls into the river. Amy reacts quickly to try to save him but is left cradling a motionless Kyle when Joanie calls an ambulance.
Elsewhere Cameron escapes with the help of masked men who overpower the police van he's being transported in – all in all a very dramatic week ahead.

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