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Home and Away Sept 16-20

1 of 3 Casey struggles to deal with Kyle and Tamara's relationship
Casey struggles to deal with Kyle and Tamara's relationship
2 of 3 Roo is put out when Sally Fletcher comes back to the Bay
Roo is put out when Sally Fletcher comes back to the Bay
3 of 3 Will Dex and April move to Broken Hill with Sid?
Will Dex and April move to Broken Hill with Sid?

When Sid sees the improvement in Casey's headspace after moving to the caravan park it is clear he's still considering the job with the Flying Doctors. He tells Sasha that if he did take the job and leave Summer Bay, he would want her to go with him.

Sasha and Spencer's bubble is burst when Maddy arrives to apologise for her behaviour but when she realises they have slept together she runs away mortified. Spencer runs after her which annoys Sasha and when Spencer catches up with her later in the day she tells him she might be moving away.

Rosie tries to make Sasha see things from Maddy's point of view but when Sasha reaches out to Maddy, and Maddy knocks her back, Sasha contemplates leaving the Bay and leaving their weird love triangle behind but Spencer is upset she plans to give up on their relationship.

When Sid and Sasha tell Dex about their decision to move, he and April must make a tough decision.

Heath throws a going away party for the Walkers but will they all go or will Sid be heading for Broken Hill alone?

Although Casey looks like he's doing well and everyone is glad to see his good mood, it's all a facade and he is drinking heavily to get through each day. He isn't over losing Tamara and is working hard at avoiding Brax. Ricky tells Brax not to give up on reaching out to Casey and with Indi's help he organises a training session so they can have a heart-to-heart.

When Tamara moves in with Kyle Casey really struggles with coming to terms with the fact his relationship with her is truly over. Tamara feels guilty and thinks about leaving town. When Kyle and Casey start fighting over her, she is disgusted with both of them and wonders whether she should just walk away from them both.

Casey puts huge strain on Kyle and Tamara's relationship and Kyle struggles with the choice between his brother and the girl he loves. Brax gives him advice and tells him he needs to choose as sitting on the fence isn't an option.

When Tamara and Ricky are having a chat, Tamara has a flashback to the kidnapping.

Sally Fletcher is back in the Bay with her daughter Pippa and Alf is delighted to see her. Roo is shocked to see Sally back and when Harvey asks her why, she says that Sally was always Alf's golden girl and being around her makes Roo feel like the nightmare teenager again.

Sally and Pippa opt to stay in a caravan instead of in the house as it's so overcrowded but this doesn't stop Sally from ruffling Roo's feathers by bonding with Maddy. Roo suspects Sally has an ulterior motive for being back in Summer Bay.

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