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  • Jamie Dornan Anderson gushes about her The Fall co-star Dornan

    Gillian Anderson is a big fan of her The Fall co-star Jamie Dornan and has noticed that people now ask her more about him than The X-Files.

  • Simone Kirby Photo: Sarah Gawler Simone Kirby talks Jimmy's Hall and Love/Hate

    With Jimmy's Hall out now on DVD, Peaky Blinders returning to BBC Two on Thursday and Love/Hate back on RTÉ One this Sunday, actress Simone Kirby tells RTÉ TEN's Harry Guerin about working with Ken Loach, Cillian Murphy and Brían F O'Byrne respectively.

  • A scene from The Bag of Flour from Morocco Films from the Southern Meditteranean begins tour

    Films from the Southern Mediterranean seeks to look past the news headlines to explore the vast region spreading from Morocco to Syria. Three individual films can be seen in Bray, Cork, Galway, Newbridge and Sligo between Thursday 2 and Monday 20 October.

  • Laura Dern stars in Enlightened On the Box - TV Review

    John Byrne caught up with some returned shows as well as a new US drama about people coming back from the dead. Does that constitute a theme?

  • We are never quite sure if Affleck is playing the grieving husband or an apathetic jock Review: Gone Girl ***

    Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike deliver solid performances but David Fincher's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's book is a strangely un-involving experience.

  • Stephen King Stephen King talks A Good Marriage

    "I wanted to explore the idea that most people are sleeping with a stranger," declares Stephen King, who wrote the screenplay after his own 2010 novella.

  • Ben Affleck is currently filming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ben Affleck's kids don't care that he is Batman

    Watch! He may be one the biggest stars in Hollywood but his kids are not impressed he is playing Batman, they would rather watch Frozen.

  • Simple Minds: new album, new UK tour, new gold dream! Watch! Simple Minds' new video for Honest Town

    Simple Minds' new album, Big Music, will be released on November 3 and the veteran Scottish band embark on a UK tour in Spring 2015. See their new video for their new single Honest Town here!

  • Velvet Underground circa 1969/1970 Velvet Underground album for re-release as six CDs

    The Velvet Underground's 1969 self-titled third album is to be released as a six CD deluxe release to mark its 45th anniversary in November.

  • Scott - Will play King Louis in Henry VI and Richard III on BBC Two Sherlock stars reunited in Hollow Crown

    Dublin actor Andrew Scott will be reunited with his former Sherlock co-star Benedict Cumberbatch in BBC Two's upcoming The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses.

  • Nidge is back on Sunday night, RTÉ One, 9:30pm Watch! Latest Love/Hate clip - plus new pics!

    With just four days to go to the show's return we've got yet another clip to whet your appetite ahead of Love/Hate season 5. Plus! Check out some new images from the first episode.

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