As it Happened: Ken Doherty 3-5 Stuart Bingham

Updated: Friday, 15 Feb 2013 16:04

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Ken Doherty takes on Stuart Bingham in the quarter-finals of the Welsh Open. Follow it here.

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Result: Ken Doherty 3-5 Stuart Bingham


Ken Doherty 3-5 Stuart Bingham

There was only going to be one winner of this frame - Doherty has totally lost his confidence and a missed black from off the spot begins a path to defeat and exit from the Welsh Open.

Bingham, to his credit, closes it out in style with a break of 71. He moves on to the semi-finals. 


Ken Doherty 3-4 Stuart Bingham

Doherty's play has deteriorated rapidly and he was been atrocious in this seventh frame.

The Dubliner made mistake after mistake and at 37-7 down, it was remarkable to see him presented with a chance to rescue the frame.

With a simple red to the middle pocket, Doherty sees the red rebound off the corner of the pocket and Bingham eventually can clear up for a 4-3 lead.

It looks game over with Doherty needing the remaining two frames. 


Ken Doherty 3-3 Stuart Bingham

This is the first time a frame has been won with conviction since the opener. Stuart Bingham finds himself amongst the balls with black in play and a break of 52 makes it 3-3.

Doherty was back at the table when trailing by 69 with 67 remaining and had a small opening, until he missed a routine pink to leaves the match now all-square.


Ken Doherty 3-2 Stuart Bingham

It was hard work, but Ken Doherty takes frame five of this quarter-final.

Doherty, at 47-27 ahead, was starting to look in danger until he produced a sensational snooker with two reds left on the table.

Both balls were primed in the middle of the table and Bingham, after missing with five attempts, it moves Doherty into a near frame-winning lead.

He pots a red to make sure of the frame. Doherty is back in front. 


The mid-session interval begins and we're level with a maximum of five frames to come. 


Ken Doherty 2-2 Stuart Bingham

A gripping and error-strewn frame allows Bingham to draw level.

With three reds remaining, after a host of errors by each player and the black and pink out of contention, Doherty had a 27-23 lead.

He pocketed the cueball on the vital red and Bingham moved into a nine-point advantage with 42 remaining, but fluffed a tricky pink, giving Doherty a good position to sink the final red.

He made it, and began on the baulk colours with just the green the difficult pot to make.

The green went down but Doherty lost the white and saw the brown catch the edge of the pocket, presenting the frame to Bingham.

An epic, and one Doherty could rue later today. 


Ken Doherty 2-1 Stuart Bingham

A break of 33 sees Stuart Bingham take a healthy lead in the third frame until he misses a red in the right middle with the cueball firmly at the cushion.

But in another safety duel, Bingham leaves Doherty with a simple red and eight reds in a good position with the black open.

He can only make 23 before running out of position and Bingham pounces with a superb long red and the English man makes no mistake this time to close out the frame with a break of 37. 


Ken Doherty 2-0 Stuart Bingham

Scrappy start to the second frame with both players missing several shots from down the table and relying on luck to avoid presenting each other with easy opportunities to score heavily.

The Dubliner takes a strong grip on the frame as he moves into a 50-13 after an excellent long red and resulting break.

Doherty comes out on top in the safety battle with another fine pot to secure the frame. 


Ken Doherty 1-0 Stuart Bingham

A break of 88 gives Ken Doherty the perfect start against Stuart Bingham. The Dubliner has shown some good form this week, beating John Higgins and Tom Ford to reach this quarter-final. This is another best of nine frames match. 

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