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Updated: Sunday, 10 Feb 2013 17:05

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Relive Ireland's 12-6 defeat to England at the Aviva Stadium in the RBS 6 Nations, with Tadhg Peavoy's text commentary.

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By Tadhg Peavoy | Ireland 6-12 England FT

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That is that for today's coverage, thank you for company, and fair play to England. They were the better team today.

A short report from my colleague Brendan Cole on today's match is available here. A long report will follow at the same place.

Well, it's a bad day for Kidney's men, but their championship hopes are still alive, win their last three games and hope England lose one, and there is still everything to play for.


Injury wise, Ireland must wait on news of Simon Zebo and Jonathan Sexton. Also, Cian Healy could well be cited for stamping during the game. If he is, he could miss the rest of the championship with suspension.


That's some of the thoughts of the three wise men in studio. In truth, I think Ireland got things wrong tactically. Kick all your possession away, even in those conditions, and you will lose Test matches.


George Hook: "What was Kidney thinking about when he brought on Fitzpatick with 90 seconds to go.

"Secondly we brought Cronin on who is a notably poor thrower in the lineout."


Brent Pope: "Ireland didn't get in a position to use their superiority - the maul.

"They could have won it but they didn't get enough ball."


Conor O'Shea: "Did we create a line break. No."



Ireland came back into the game well after half-time, with two Ronan O'Gara penalties levelling the tie. The pack was much improved with the scrum and lineout proving rich for Ireland.

England's Haskell was sin binned following that, but instead of England wilting, they improved, crushing Ireland all over the pitch.

Two more Farrell penalties gave them a 12-6 lead and from there they never looked back.

The red rose should have had a try as well from Tuilagi, will Ireland didn't have any tryscoring chances in the second period.

England got their kick-chase tactics right. Ireland failed to use the ball at all and kicked all their possession away. As the home side they needed to have more confidence in their ability to use the ball in possession.

England march on towards a potential Grand Slam. Ireland face Scotland at Murrayfield next.




81 mins: Robshaw takes the lineout at two and Youngs boots the ball to touch. England win this RBS 6 Nations Test match in Dublin.


80 mins: Waldrom takes a drive off the side of the ruck and Ireland come in the side of the next ruck. Penalty England and Farrell boots the penalty to touch deep in the Ireland half.


80 mins: Parling steals the lineout at two. England will win this game.


79 mins: Penalty Ireland for England infringing at the scrum. O'Gara boots to touch as Chris Robshaw is named man of the match.


79 mins: Waldrom has gone to number eight with Haskell in the second row. 


78 mins: Second scrum for England, just left of the Ireland posts. England get the shove on and referee Poite says the scrum must be reset.


77 mins: Wilson is on for for Dan Cole for the scrum. The packs set down in the Ireland 22. The scrum breaks up and must be reset.


76 mins: Ireland run from their own 22 with Gilroy taking to contact. Kilcoyne gets his hands on the ball as Ireland play all the rugby in their own 22. Eventually Ireland shuffle across the line and Ross is done for accidental offside as the ball is passed out to D'Arcy and the tighthead prop is caught ahead of him blocking off the England tacklers.


75 mins: Cronin and Kilcoyne on for Best and Healy.


73 mins: Best takes the lineout to O'Callaghan at two and Ireland again maul. Murray boxkicks long and Brown claims the breaking ball. Youngs boxkicks deep to Ireland. Kearney kicks aimlessly long to England and they carry back to contact before booting to Ireland. O'Gara gets back to claim the breaking ball and England again get up to put him under pressure. Poite says penalty England as O'Gara holds on.

From wide right, on the 22, Farrell misses it.


72 mins: Goode claims the breaking ball and takes a mark before booting long downfield. 


71 mins: Waldrom is on for Lawes.


70 mins: Best takes the lineout throw to O'Callaghan. Ireland maul and England come in the side. Penalty Ireland just outside the England 22. 

O'Gara lines up the shot at goal, from right of goal, outside the England 22. The outhalf misses it.


69 mins: Parling wins an England lineout, but referee Poite says obstruction by England. Penalty Ireland: O'Gara boots to touch.


69 mins: England soak up all the pressure and O'Gara kicks possession away. Ireland need to hold onto possession more. If they are to win the game they need to control the ball rather than invite England on to them.


68 mins: England receive the restart and boot long to Ireland. Heaslip takes to contact and then Gilroy takes on the charge. O'Callaghan makes his first carry.


67 mins: You feel Ireland need to score a try to win this game.


66 mins: O'Callaghan is on for Ryan and Henry is on for O'Brien.



Farrell decides to go for goal. From wide left of the sticks, he will have a pop. That penalty of course came from Kearney not releasing in contact.

Outside the 22, Farrell slots it.

Ireland 6-12 England


64 mins: England win the restart and kick away to Ireland. Murray and O'Mahony make ground as Barritt gets the tackle in. O'Gara kicks possession away to Brown. He kicks back to Ireland. Kearney collects and goes to contact, getting isolated, holding on and conceding a penalty. Lawes is down receiving attention for a knock to the head.



England win the lineout and maul it. Youngs chips the ball over the Ireland defence for Tuilagi to run on to it. The ball bounces up for the centre to claim and touch down. Earls gets a finger tip to it to stop the centre touching down. Crucial intervention. However, play is brought back for a penalty to England from the last ruck. Farrell, from wide left, nails it. England lead again.

Ireland 6-9 England


61 mins: England win the lineout and maul it forward several metres. It goes to Barritt in the centre. Farrell chips deep to the Ireland half and Kearney is at home to get to it under huge pressure from Brown and Ashton. The fullback manages to put his hand in touch to concede a lineout rather than a penalty.


60 mins: We enter the final quarter in Dublin.


59 mins: England lineout near halfway. Wood wins the lineout for the red rose as England then move to the centre where Tuilagi charges down the centre. The ball is bashed to Earls in the 22. The winger bashes the ball out into touch.


59 mins: O'Brien takes the restart before the ball is bashed to touch.



Best hits Ryan at four and again Ireland maul it. McCarthy picks and goes. Gilroy then is fed wide right but Haskell gets across to stop him. However, Haskell fails to roll away and it's a penalty to Ireland. As well as the penalty Haskell is sin binned for kicking the ball away from Murray as he attempts to pick from the base. O'Gara knocks over the penalty from wide right.

Ireland 6-6 England


56 mins: Best hits O'Brien at two in the lineout. Ireland maul it and Wood comes in the side of the maul - penalty Ireland. O'Gara opts to go down the line with the penalty. He doesn't get much distance on it as the ball fails to make the 22.


55 mins: O'Driscoll takes his place back in the England line and O'Gara slices the penalty kick to touch. Very unusual for him.


55 mins: England fail to roll away at the ruck - penalty Ireland. But the other news is that O'Driscoll is now injured.


54 mins: Ireland lineout. Best to Ryan at two in the line. O'Driscoll crashes up the centre. Murray then boxkicks to Brown. The winger bashes a kick at Ireland. Earls then kicks long to Goode. The fullback bashes it to Kearney and he then goes to contact. Eventually Ireland attack the right flank with Heaslip.


53 mins: England win the lineout and Youngs boxkicks to touch. 


53 mins: Superb work by Best to claim the ball as Gilroy and Goode both failed to claim it.


51 mins: The ball went back from O'Driscoll so it will be an Irish scrum. Heaslip picks from the base and Haskell tackles before Murray clears downfield. Best claims the breaking ball and Murray boxkicks long to touch.


50 mins: Ireland lineout in their own half. Best to O'Mahony. Ireland attempt to maul and Murray then boxkicks deep to Ashton. Goode launches another garryowen. O'Brien is back to claim and take to contact. The ball goes wide to O'Driscoll, he is caught in possession and drops the ball. Tuilagi gets on to the loose ball but knocks on himself with the try line at his mercy.


49 mins: The Ireland number seven is getting attention from two medics.


49 mins: O'Brien is down injured and receiving attention.


48 mins: England knock the lineout on and O'Brien bashes up the centre. The ruck is set and O'Gara plays another garryowen. Goode claims the mark from the breaking ball. The England fullback clears to touch.


49 mins: Lawes is on for Launchbury. Tuilagi is on for Twelvetrees.


48 mins: Farrell launches it back to O'Gara. Ping pong again ensues. The ball breaks for Gilroy before Murray takes to contact. O'Gara then pops a kick to touch. Superb play from the Munster man.


47 mins: Word is O'Brien is struggling with a hip injury. Ireland win another penalty and O'Gara launches a garryowen.


46 mins: Ireland win the restart and boot long to Goode. He kicks to Kearney and the Leinster fullback boots to touch.



England scrum: Ireland win the penalty as England collapse. Dan Cole was pulled down by Cian Healy. O'Gara opts to go for goal. From  right of goal, from the England 10, the Munster legend gets it.

Ireland 3-6 England


43 mins: Ireland lineout in the ENgland half. Ryan wins but then O'Brien knocks on. England get the scrum put in.


42 mins: Ireland scrum well and win the penalty. Mike Ross is the man who won it. O'Gara boots the penalty to touch.


42 mins: England win the lineout and maul forward. Haskell and Marler drive forward before Parling knocks on. 


41 mins: Robshaw takes the catch and England win a penalty straight away as Ireland kill the ball at the ruck. Farrell clears the penalty to touch in the Ireland half.


41 mins: O'Gara restarts for Ireland. No further changes to the teams. 


The teams are back on the pitch in Dublin.


Here's a clip from the first half

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Owen Farrell with 2 kicks from 3 in the first half. Watch his opening penalty: <a href="" title=""></a> <a href="">#RBS6Nations</a> <a href="">#IREvENG</a></p>&mdash; RBS 6 Nations (@rbs_6_nations) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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In the last two matches between Ireland and England, we have failed to hit double figures in points and have been rendered scoreless when it comes to tries. Hopefully that is not a trend that will continue today..


There is hope? Isn't there?

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>.@<a href="">irfurugby</a> have been behind at HT in 10 <a href="">#6Nations</a> matches since 2006, they went on to win 3 of those games! <a href="">#AccentureRugby</a></p>&mdash; Accenture Rugby (@AccentureRugby) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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England were by far the better team in the first 40 minutes. Better in the scrum and adept at stealing the Irish lineout, they dominated the set piece. In addition, the breakdown was theirs as Ireland infringed consistently. Out back, it's been fairly even, although England's size seems to be giving the red rose the upper hand. Ireland are defending stoutly, but are under pressure from all quarters. There was one chance for an Ireland try in the first 40 minutes, when Earls released Kearney on the left wing, but the fullback was stopped and there was no Irishman to continue the attack. Two Farrell penalties gave England the lead. Two Irishmen, Simon Zebo and Jonathan Sexton, are off injured. England are in the box seat. Ireland must regroup, brush their shoulders off, and win the second half by seven points to win the game and keep their Grand Slam dreams alive.




40 mins: Murray feeds O'Gara with a poor pass, and has no option but to go to contact. He is swamped by English jerseys and concedes a penalty for holding on. Farrell decides to go for goal.

From outside the Ireland 10, right of goal, he misses it. 

That's the last action of the half.


39 mins: England scrum: the red rose holds and Wood breaks from the base. Barritt takes a crash ball. Launchbury and Robshaw make good ground. England reach the Ireland 22, but Tom Youngs holds on in contact. Penalty Ireland and O'Gara boots the penalty long. But he fails to find touch. Goode bashes back to Ireland.


38 mins: Poite calls over Healy, O'Mahony, Robshaw and Cole and tells them all to calm down after some handbags breaks out.


37 mins: England lineout. Ireland win the lineout but then knock on in contact I believe.


37 mins: Farrell boots the penalty to touch deep in the Ireland half.


36 mins: Scrum England on their 10. The red rose get the shunt on. They go wide blindside but play is brought back for a penalty to England from the scrum. Ross was penalised that time.


35 mins: Ireland lineout inside the England half. Best finds O'Mahony at the tail and Murray knocks on as he takes a pop off the top. Crazy to be playing the ball off the top of the lineout in these conditions.


34 mins: Youngs made that kick to touch for England. Best throws in for Ireland and O'Brien takes at the back and goes to contact. England kill the ball at the ruck. O'Gara boots to touch.


34 mins: Ireland win and Kearney chips ahead but Goode gets to it and England clear downfield to touch deep in the Ireland half.


33 mins: Ireland scrum. The green pack get the shove on and the scrum goes down.


32 mins: The Leinster outhalf pulled his hamstring as he flyhacked on. O'Gara is on at flyhalf.


32 mins: Sexton is down injured with a right hamstring injury.


31 mins: England scrum on the Ireland 10. They win and go up the middle from Twelvetrees. Robshaw attacks and D'Arcy stops him. Parling makes superb ground with an attack. But Ireland steal and Sexton flyhacks the ball forward.


30 mins: England take the restart and the ball is booted long downfield. Once more Heaslip knocks on.



England lineout: Parling wins at two and England maul it. Ireland come in the side of the maul - again it was Heaslip. Penalty England. Farrell opts to go for goal. From right of goal, outside the Ireland 10, he gets it. 

Ireland 0-6 England


27 mins: Ireland win the lineout and D'Arcy takes up the middle. Earls kicks in behind the England defence and Ashton gets back to kick to Earls. He clears to touch.


26 mins: England win the scrum and Youngs boxkicks to touch in the Ireland half.


26 mins: England scrum on their 22: 


25 mins: Ireland go a couple of phases and set the ruck where McCarthy knocks on again.


24 mins: Ireland scrum: they win and Gilroy takes the offload from Murray. O'Mahony goes up the centre, Ireland spin wide left where O'Driscoll feeds Earls, the winger pops back inside to Kearney. The fullback is tackled on the England 22. 


23 mins: England lineout on the Ireland 10. The ball is knocked on as Wood claims the ball.


22 mins: Scrum England: and they win a penalty as Ireland pop up in the front row. Farrell kicks the resulting penalty to touch.


21 mins: England scrum in their own half. Ireland steal the ball and Earls joins the line on the right wing. But McCarthy gets fed by Murray and knocks on.


20 mins: Ireland win the lineout and pick and go with Heaslip. Best takes a crash ball. D'Arcy spills the ball in contact. Scrum to England.


BREAKING NEWS: Zebo has emerged from the medical room wearing heavy strapping on his foot.


18 mins: Sexton kicks the penalty to touch. Best takes the lineout and hits Heaslip at the tail. Ireland go up the middle with attack after attack, before Sexton chips to the corner. Goode collects and puts the ball into touch.


17 mins: Farrell kicks it to touch. Parling wins the lineout at four. Ashton takes a crash ball in the middle. Ireland turn over at the ruck. Kearney clears his lines, but the ref says offside against Haskell. Penalty Ireland.


16 mins: Goode chips down the right wing and an Irish defender pulls his jersey. Penalty England for that infringement.


15 mins: Sexton boots the penalty to the England 22. Ireland lineout: England steal it and set the ruck. Haskell picks and goes and then England spread wide to Twelvetrees before the ball is booted to Kearney. The Ireland fullback plays a garryowen before England boot it back. Ping pong ensues before Brown takes to contact with ball-in-hand.


14 mins: Garces has a word with both captains. Penalty against Cole for coming in the side of the maul.


14 mins: Ireland lineout in their own half. Best to Ryan. Ireland again maul. Best drives the maul as Ireland gain several metres. Garces blows his whistle and both teams start throwing some handbags around.


13 mins: Ireland throw in their own 22. McCarthy wins at two and Ireland maul a few yards forward. Murray feeds Earls on the blindside and the winger bursts forward. Murray boxkicks to Goode and the England fullback kicks to touch.


12 mins: England win the scrum and crash up the middle. England pick and go and recycle at will. Eventually Goode joins the line and spins to Ashton on the wing, but the ball ends in touch. Good defence from Ireland.


11 mins: Scrum England in the Ireland 22. But the game is over for Zebo. He got injured as he tried to claim the hacked ball by Ashton I think he did his hamstring. Keith Earls is on.


11 mins: Ireland move wide left and England intercept. Ashton hacks the ball along the ground back to the Ireland 22 where Zebo sprints back to get down on the ball. Ireland secure the ball but knock-in in the process.


10 mins: Ryan charges to the 22. Ireland move to O'Driscoll out wide right as he makes good ground. Murrya is stopped by Tom Youngs. Ireland are five metres from the England line.


9 mins: Best again with the lineout throw: O'Mahony takes at four and Healy is fed on the wraparound. Sexton takes to contact before Ryan crashes into Barritt. Heaslip takes the ball on.


8 mins: Sexton kicks a garryowen and is taken down by England. Robshaw picks and goes and Heaslip tackles. Farrell tries to chip ahead and Gilroy blocks down. Murray is impeded off the ball: penalty Ireland. Sexton kicks the penalty to the England 22.


6 mins: Ireland lineout: Best throws to Ryan but England steal it. Youngs boxkicks clear to Zebo, the Ireland winger knocks on. Youngs again boxkicks to Ireland. A ruck is set and O'Brien bursts around the side of the ruck.


5 mins: Scrum for England just inside their own half. First scrum of the game. Healy collapses but Youngs kicks the ball clear before Garces has a chance to call penalty. Ireland secure the ball and Heaslip charges to contact. Robshaw goes off his feet at the breakdown. Penalty Ireland. Sexton kicks the penalty to touch near the England 22.


4 mins: England take the restart, but the ball is hacked into the England in-goal area for an England 22. Farrell takes the 22 to Heaslip, the Ireland captain knocks on.



England have all the possession so far and Ireland fail to roll away at the breakdown. It was Jamie Heaslip trying to choke tackle Twelvetrees, he didn't and then lay on the the ground. From the Ireland 10, Farrell gets it.

Ireland 0-3 England


1 min: We are off. Farrell to Zebo is the first action of the game. Murray boxkicks long to Robshaw. He feed Goode. Tom Young makes a drive up the middle. Twelvetrees takes a crash ball. Parling does well to make some good ground. Farrell crossfield kicks to Ashton to pop down to Wood.


Jerome Garces is the man in the middle. Owen Farrell will kick off for England.


Ireland XV: Kearney, Gilroy, O’Driscoll, D’Arcy, Zebo, Sexton, Murray, Healy, Best, Ross, Ryan, McCarthy, O’Mahony, O’Brien, Heaslip (capt).

Replacements: Cronin, Kilcoyne, Fitzpatrick, O'Callaghan, Henry, Reddan, O'Gara, Earls.

England XV: Goode, Ashton, Barritt, Twelvetrees, Brown, Farrell, B Youngs, Marler, T Youngs, Cole, Launchbury, Parling, Haskell, Robshaw,(capt), Wood.

Replacements: Hartley, Wilson, Vunipola, Lawes, Waldrom, Care, Flood, Tuilagi.


Ryle Nugent: We have the pride, we have the passion, let's hope we have the game to match.


Ireland's Call rings out around the ground following the anthems of both sides. This is the business.


Interestingly, the two biggest winning margins for both sides in this victory came on Irish soil. England’s record win was the 1997 win at Lansdowne Road, when they recorded a 46-6 victory. Ireland’s biggest victory was the 43-13 win at Croke Park in 2007.


It’s the second oldest Test match in international rugby and always a highlight of the rugby calendar.

The tale of the tape shows England have won 72, Ireland have won 46, with 8 draws. England have scored 1450 and Ireland have scored 1021.

But , since 2000, Ireland have the upper hand. The shamrock has won eight. The red rose has won six.

In general, since 2000, England are still higher points scorers, they have scored 334 points, Ireland have scored 250.

The last draw between the sides was way back in 1968, when the score was 9-9 at Lansdowne Road.

Of England’s last six wins over Ireland, two have come at Lansdowne Road, the last was in a World Cup warm-up in 2011, previous to that it was the Six Nations clash of 2003.

And for the record the very first match between Ireland and England was played in 1875 at The Oval, London. The red rose came out 7-0 on top.

Game 127: bring it.


From Neil and Tiina in Helsinki:

"Hello from the Cloak and Dagger Shebeen in Helsinki! Listening to RTÉ Radio via the internet. Come on Ireland! Neil and Tiina O'Toole."


From Andrew and Seamus in Afghanistan:

"Logging in from the UN in Kabul, Afghanistan! Andrew Scanlon from Wicklow, and Seamus Clancy from Waterford! You can feel the excitement from here, even within these armoured walls!

Watching the game on Satellite feed with some Irish Americans and Brits!"


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>I'm ready to watch the rugby !!! @<a href="">rterugby</a> @<a href="">irfurugby</a><a href="">#ComeOnIreland</a> <a href="" title="">…</a></p>&mdash; Darz (@DaraghRohan) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Kieren Nash in Brazil: 

"Blistering heat in Rio de Janeiro. All the Paddies here shouting loud for Ireland!" 


Owen Farrell’s 20 points against Ireland in last year’s Six Nations was one of the highest ever scores by an England player against Ireland.

Only Paul Grayson (23) and Jon Webb (22) have scored more points against us in a single match. Hopefully he won't have it too easy today.


From Michael Leyden in Colombia: 

"Good morning from Bogota, Colombia, where we are tuning in via ESPN. Remembering historic Croke Park encounter in 2007 which I attended with my English cousin Christopher. Lets hope for a similar result and atmosphere.Warm regards, Michael Leyden (normally at SLIGO)." 


From John and Amelia Barrett in Australia: 

"Hi in the Celtic club in Melbourne. Can't wait to see a great Irish performance. I hope my brother Tom enjoys my ticket for the match!"



Now this is a key battle today. Sexton v Farrell. Here's how they match up.


Getting close now

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Good luck boys!Come on Ireland!</p>&mdash; Peter Clohessy (@PeterClohessy) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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The scene in the stadium a short time ago. Will be filling up now.


Good man John.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>I'm supporting Ireland off courseI'm scouse not English 69 caps to prove it i love Liverpool city and Ireland.</p>&mdash; John Aldridge (@Realaldo474) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Matt and Conor in Chicago: 

"It's snowy and cold here in Chicago but we are heading to the Curragh Irish pub to watch the match!"



Getting ready for the broadcast - live from 1415

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>All set to go in mission control. Ireland v England live on RTE2 from 2.15 <a href="">#rterugby</a> @<a href="">rbs_6_nations</a> <a href="" title="">…</a></p>&mdash; Mark McKenna (@sportproducer) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Some good news for Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Huberman. A baby daughter born this morning! Congratulations to both.


The Ireland England legends game took place in Dublin last night. Who do you recognise here?


From Padraig O'Connell in Florida: 

"Best of luck to Ireland from the O Connells in Orlando - meeting up With friends from England and Ireland to watch the game In the town tavern celebration."


No sympathy.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Word of warning to anyone going to Aviva today.... It is absolutely freezing down here!!! <a href="">#rterugby</a></p>&mdash; Darren Frehill (@Darrenfrehill) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Most matches between ourselves and England in Dublin have been tight - three of the last five have seen just two tries scored throughout the 80 minutes.

Though overall, we are in high scoring form. The last six victories have seen Ireland score 31 tries in total - with only one winning margin of fewer than 10 points.

If you forget the two Tests in new Zealand (let's do that) most of our recent defeats have came in low-scoring matches.


From Damien in Mauritius: 

"It's like June in Ireland, 24 degrees but rainy and overcast :) and all the Irish expats in the area (aswell as the Jersey lads, the Mauritian crew, a few South Africans and a few Scots, all supporting the green cause) are raring to go to cheer on the lads in La Bonne Chute bar in Rivière Noir! Come on Ireland!!!!"


From Brendan in UAE: 

"Couldn't resist giving my students a rundown of the rivalry between Ireland and England. Even though they don't know rugby out here in U.A.E, they got the message!! C'mon the Irish!!!"


Ireland had to make more tackles than any other side in the Six Nations last weekend. 200 tackles in total against Wales. That gives some indication of the tough match we had in Cardiff.

And it was Cian Healy that led the way in terms of overall individual tackles. He completed all 21 tackles he attempted - more than any other player in the first round of the tournament.


From Rory and Trevor in New York: 

"Up early and heading to Rosie O' Grady's in Manhattan for the match! C'mon Ireland!!!!!!!!!"


A good omen for Ireland yesterday - Ireland Women defeated England Women 25-0. The brilliant performance ended a sequence of 17 consecutive losses for Ireland against England. 


From Mark in Florida

"The Waterford Quinlans now living in Lakeland, Florida, are about to get up and go to mass before the game!!! Janet, Mark, Alex and little Mark are all decked out in green c'mon Ireland!!!

Prediction time Ireland to win's sunny by the way"


Worth a watch.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>To get you in the mood for the big one. RTE2 from 2.15. <a href="" title=""></a> @<a href="">rterugby</a></p>&mdash; Mark McKenna (@sportproducer) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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One of the great fixtures between these two sides came in 2007 at Croke Park.

Brendan Cole has been taking a look back at that momentous day. We have also got the entire match (anthems and all) for you to watch if you can't wait until 3pm today.


We'll have Ben Kay pitchside for today's match in Dublin.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Great to be back in dublin with the @<a href="">rterugby</a> team. Couple of cheeky quieties after the show!</p>&mdash; Ben Kay (@BenKay5) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Looking at those teams, there are some (barely) significant milestones for Irish players today.

Donncha O’Callaghan could make his 92nd Ireland appearance if he comes off the bench - moving level with Malcolm O’Kelly as the fifth most capped Irishman of all-time.

And if Gordon D’Arcy starts as planned, he’ll stand alone as the ninth most capped Irishman of al time, moving ahead of David Humphreys, Geordan Murphy and David Wallace..

So there.


Here are the teams: 

Ireland XV: Kearney, Gilroy, O’Driscoll, D’Arcy, Zebo, Sexton, Murray, Healy, Best, Ross, Ryan, McCarthy, O’Mahony, O’Brien, Heaslip (capt).
Replacements: Cronin, Kilcoyne, Fitzpatrick, O'Callaghan, Henry, Reddan, O'Gara, Earls.

England XV: Goode, Ashton, Barritt, Twelvetrees, Brown, Farrell, B Youngs, Marler, T Youngs, Cole, Launchbury, Parling, Haskell, Robshaw,(capt), Wood
Replacements: Hartley, Wilson, Vunipola, Lawes, Waldrom, Care, Flood, Tuilagi.


From Peter Murray in Thailand

"We're on the road again were up north of Koh Phangan in Thailand, we have found a Irish pub some how showing the game, hoping for the same result as last week - maybe 19-15 to Ireland all the best lads Pete and Dyane"


Eddie Butler's preview of today's game in the Observer is worth a read:

"If England had thought this was going to be a feud of old, perhaps they would have thrown Tuilagi, as well as Haskell, straight back. As it is, they have put their trust in the clear-thinking Tom Wood at No8, the athleticism of Geoff Parling and Joe Launchbury in the second row, and the variety offered by having Twelvetrees at 12.

"England are built for a game of high quality, not primarily to withstand flailing mayhem.

"Who will win a game that promises to push back the frontiers of the European game, limits that were placed under severe strain by the attacking intent of all teams on the first weekend?"


The latest satellite image tells its own story. The good people at Met Éireann tell us

Overcast for the rest of today across the midlands, north and east, with further spells of heavy rain leading to localised flooding.

If you are lucky enough to have tickets today - bring a raincoat.


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Pitch side at the @<a href="">avivastadium</a> right now.... GAMEDAY @<a href="">irfurugby</a> @<a href="">o2irlrugby</a> <a href="" title="">…</a></p>&mdash; Inpho Photography (@Inphosports) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Did you pay over the odds for tickets today? Or is this just taxi driver talk?

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Taxi driver informs me last fare paid 2K for four <a href="">#IREvENG</a> tickets - face value 110. <a href="">#hotticket</a> <a href="">#6Nations</a></p>&mdash; ESPN (@espnscrum) <a href="">February 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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So going into this game, England have won their last two clashes with Ireland, but there is more cause for optimism than that - they have lost four of their last five games in Dublin – their only win coming in a Rugby World Cup warm up match in August 2011.


The final game of the weekend - and it's the big one. Ireland v England kicks off at 1500. 

Brendan Cole has a full preview of the game right here

Where in the world are you watching the game? What is your prediction?

Get in touch via or @RTERugby and we'll include as many comments as we can right here.

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