Eamon Dunphy thinks there has been a “deplorable” media reaction to the incident involving Luis Suarez and has called for calmness in punishing the Uruguayan striker.

Suarez is being investigated for an alleged bite on defender Giorgio Chiellini during the win over Italy yesterday in the World Cup.

The incident occurred in the latter stages of the Group D encounter.

Dunphy said that a one or two-year suspension from international football is not the correct method of disciplining Suarez.

The RTÉ analyst said: “He shouldn't play again in this World Cup. I think they should reflect seriously on it. I don't think the draconian ban people are calling for are what he needs.

“He is a great player, he is 27, to take a year or two of his career now would probably destroy it and it wouldn't be right. We have to get a sense of proportion and perspective on this.

“There are guys breaking legs in football. In other sports like rugby there is gouging and all kinds of wicked assaults. People get away with them. This is unprecedented and he has crossed the line.

“It's self-destructive in a way. If someone had said to me, do you want your leg broken or badly-damaged, or a bite on the shoulder, I'd take the bite on the shoulder.

“What is shocking about it is that we've never seen it. There is something primitive and visceral that is shocking initially. But we have to be adult about it, think about the game first and the culture, but also about a very, very gifted player.”

"He needs psychiatric help to see what is triggering this type of behaviour"

Dunphy said he feels the Liverpool striker needs psychiatric help to overcome the issues that have led to a third biting allegation in his career.

He added that through this method both the game and the former Ajax player can be protected.

“He has to be helped in my view and protected for his own good. I don't think we should be vengeful and all of those mad headlines demanding vengeance and all of that, I find deplorable," said Dunphy. 

“It's going to hurt him. He needs psychiatric help to see what is triggering this type of behaviour but we also need to see a great player.

“I feel sorry for him and Chiellini. It was shocking to see but I always think you shouldn't make judgements in the heat of shock. You just need to be calm and work out what the objective is here.

“The objective is to protect the culture of the game and ultimately I think to make sure this player can fulfil his talent and pursue his career without any draconian ban.”