Jack Wilshere has told Mario Balotelli to forget any plans he may have to wind England up on Saturday.

England stepped up their preparations for Saturday's World Cup opener against Italy with their first full training session in the baking Rio heat.

On Thursday England will travel to Manaus where they will begin their World Cup campaign against Italy 48 hours later.

Given that he spent two-and-a-half turbulent years at Manchester City, the England squad are well aware of Balotelli's goal-scoring capabilities.

Balotelli scored 30 goals during his spell at the Etihad Stadium, but he was more renowned for his ill-discipline and bizarre off-the-field antics like throwing darts at youth team players.

When asked whether England should be wary of the 23-year-old attempting to rile them up, Wilshere, who was on the bench when Balotelli was sent off against Arsenal in 2012, said: "First and foremost, we have to worry about him as a player.

"He is a great player. We have seen that in the past.

"But we have got players who have played with him like Joe Hart, and we have defenders who have played against him in the Premier League.

"I don't think that will be a problem."

Another potential problem first brought up following the draw in December is the climate of Manaus.

"We have got players who have played with [Mario Balotelli] like Joe Hart, and we have defenders who have played against him in the Premier League] - Jack Wilshere

Temperatures are expected to exceed 30 degrees Celsius and humidity levels will surpass 70 per cent, according to forecasts.

To help them deal with the intense heat, England will install giant turbine fans in their dressing room.

"We have cooling systems in the dressing room," Wilshere said.

"It's like a fan and cold water comes out. I'm not sure what it is but it's good. I've never seen it before.

"It's good. We went on tour in Malaysia and you were struggling for air. It's different heat in Malaysia, it is hot over there but the humidity was over 90 per cent and in Manaus it will be around 75.

"We're prepared for it, myself and as a team."