Shamrock Rovers assistant manager John GIll has hit back at RTÉ pundit Alan Cawley in relation to remarks made on Monday’s Soccer Republic show.

Cawley was very critical of the Hoops boss and stated that Shamrock Rovers have no identity under Trevor Croly.

He also believes the manager has failed to stamp his authority on the side, and remains uninspiring a year and a half into his role at the Dublin club.

But Gill believes that Cawley has no right to judge the Hoops manager.

He stated Cawley does not know what is going on behind the scenes and is not privy to the work that Croly has been doing with the club’s youth structure and First Division side.

Speaking in the August edition of In Tallaght magazine, Gill said: “I thought it was disgusting. I could drag a few skeletons out of his closet, I’ve a few things I could say about Alan Cawley.

“Why would you listen to Alan Cawley? He wouldn’t know much about winning anything, he wouldn’t win you a corner.

“Why would you listen to Alan Cawley? ... He wouldn’t win you a corner"

“And saying he was uninspiring? What does he want? A Peter Kay type manager who’s cracking jokes after every match. It’s about running a football club and in my view, Trevor is the right man for the job.

“He’s a hurler on the ditch. Who is he to be criticising Trevor? It is easy to sit there and criticise a manager when you’ve never managed at a top level yourself.”

Gill believes that Croly should be given more time as he is still learning his craft as a manager.

The Hoops assistant added: “If the fans could see the amount of work he is doing behind the scenes; he is building a football club, not just a team.

“I have worked with some of the best managers in the country like Dermot Keely, Ray Treacy and Pete Mahon and he is up there with any of them.”

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