FAI Chief Executive John Delaney has reportedly signed a new five-year deal to remain with the association at his current salary of €360,000 a year.

Delaney told the Irish Sun that “the board of the association came to me recently and said would I commit to a longer term period. And I’m happy to do so. While I have the support of the members and the energy to do the job, I’ll stay and do the job."

Delaney said his was a great job to have and that he loved it.

“But it is a 24/7 job, weekends as well,” he said.

He said he accepted that it was a well paid job and that there would be criticisms of his salary.

“You go back to 1996, the turnover of the FAI was about €7m, last year it was €36m, next year it will be close to €40m,” he said. “We have really driven the association forward as a business.

“I’ve been offered salaries above what I’m paid. I haven’t taken them because I love what I’m doing."

Delaney has been CEO of the FAI since 2004, when he took up the role on an interim basis. He has been full-ime CEO since 2005.

The FAI AGM is to be held on 26 July.