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France hope to host Euro 2016

Updated: Friday, 13 Feb 2009 13:14

The Stade de France
The Stade de France

France will submit a bid to host Euro 2016, the country's football federation confirmed today.

A statement on the FFF's website said a letter would be sent to UEFA, European football's governing body, before March 9 to rubber-stamp the bid.

‘The FFF is definitely a candidate. It is a candidate to win,’ read the statement.

‘The organisation of Euro 2016 is a massive project for the whole of French football. It provides a great opportunity to completely modernise the grounds of our major stadia.

‘It gives the whole of football, professional and amateur, a project to aim towards for the decade to come.

‘The candidacy which has been made official today cannot only be that of the FFF - it must be that of the whole country.’

There had been talk of a joint bid with Italy but FFF president Jean-Pierre Escalettes told L'Equipe: ‘We are going to go it alone and with the aim of winning.’

The last major tournament hosted by France was the 1998 World Cup, which they went on to win.

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