A Brazilian advertising agency has revealed how Barcelona star Neymar was inspired to start an anti-racism social media campaign after a banana was thrown at team-mate Dani Alves .

Alves made the headlines with his reaction to having a banana thrown at him from a Villareal supporter in his side's 3-2 victory in La Liga on Sunday.

The Brazilian fullback, who was preparing to take a corner kick, picked-up the banana and took a bite from it before getting on with the game.

Afterwards, Neymar posted a picture of himself and his child eating a banana on social media with the hashtag #weareallmonkeys.

The picture was emulated by other footballers, celebrities and politicians as it took Twitter by storm.

Neymar had been motivated to take action after he suffered similar racist abuse in Spain and a Brazilian advertising agency helped to come up with the #weareallmonkeys campaign.

"Neymar didn't want to be quiet, he wanted to use his own powerful voice to create something to talk about racism," Guga Ketzer, partner at Brazilian agency Loducca, told the BBC.

"We created this idea with the hashtag 'we are all monkeys' and the idea was to use it and take a picture of him eating a banana."

"It was the best way to empower and start this conversation in Brazil," Ketzer added.

"It is to prove to the racists that we are all together - whether we are black, white, yellow, it doesn't matter. We are all monkeys. Our idea was to make the racist powerless. It is one of the biggest racist conversations in years in Brazil and even in the world."