Spanish international Pep Guardiola, already suspended after testing positive for the banned steroid nandrolone, has failed a second drug test. The Italian Olympic Committee revealed in a statement today that Guardiola, who plays in Italy for Serie A club Brescia, had given a positive sample after the game between Lazio and Brescia on November 4. Last week, it was revealed that the former Barcelona captain tested positive after a league match against Piacenza on October 21.

Guardiola has insisted that he has not taken nandrolone and has vowed to prove his innocence. The midfield star has the backing of both Brescia and his former club Barcelona, and is currently waiting for a counter-analysis, or B-test, on his October sample. However, he will now have to ask for the same process for the sample taken after the Lazio match.

Filed by Amanda Fennelly