Tim Sherwood understands the history of silky football at White Hart Lane - but the Tottenham interim manager knows it is results that could see him land the job on a permanent basis.

Spurs fans have in the past been treated to stylish play from technically gifted stars such as Glenn Hoddle, Chris Waddle, Paul Gascoigne, David Ginola and Gareth Bale.

Under former boss Andre Villas-Boas, sacked on Monday following a 5-0 home thrashing at the hands of Liverpool, the club lost some of that identity as the Portuguese looked to instil a mentality that ground out the majority of their victories with a safety-first approach.

Sherwood, 44, was in charge of Spurs for the first time in their Capital One Cup quarter-final against West Ham on Wednesday evening.

Although the Hammers progressed 2-1, the former Blackburn skipper looked to move the club's fashion of play back towards their traditional ideals.

But, despite knowing what sort of football the fans want to see, Sherwood accepts it is positive results - starting with Sunday's trip to Southampton - rather than swashbuckling football that will put him in frame for the position.

"They [Tottenham fans] were brought up seeing us play expansive football, on the front foot and they like to be entertained - but they also like to win," he said.

"There wasn't a problem at all with Andre last year, I didn't see any dissenting voices about the style of play when Gareth Bale was dribbling the ball up the field and sticking in the top corner eight times in the last minute, that is the fact.

"Winning is very important so there is a very fine balance between being attractive and pretty and winning games."

"I didn't see any dissenting voices about the style of play when Gareth Bale was dribbling the ball up the field"

Sherwood conceded the playing philosophy of a club is set by those who run the club it, and that he may not have the required amount of time to get Spurs playing his way before chairman Daniel Levy makes a decision on a full-time replacement for Villas-Boas.

Asked if the vision of a club has to be set by a club's directors, Sherwood said: "I think it does, it has to.

"But you have to be afforded that time and I'm realistic to know the pressures the chairman and the board are under to say 'we are backing him and giving him the time' - it might not be there that time.

"You have to deal what with you have got dealt. It takes time to bed in and I think the different tempo was a culture shock but it is something I demand when I set teams up to play."

Sherwood will take charge of Sunday's trip to Southampton but beyond that it remains unclear when a permanent appointment will be made, with names such as Fabio Capello, Hoddle, Michael Laudrup and Saints boss Mauricio Pochettino continually linked to the post.