Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson, who played for the club in the 1980s, claimed Wenger's role in Arsenal's decline should not be overlooked.

He said Wenger has become "a dictator in many ways" at Arsenal.

Robson believes Wenger was shown to be tactically inferior to Bradford counterpart Phil Parkinson on Tuesday night, but added: "I'm more embarrassed with the way Arsene Wenger conducts himself these days.

“He doesn't do any tactical stuff on the side of the field, they tell me he doesn't do too much work on the defensive side in training, yet he'll have a rant at everybody else."

Robson told Sky Sports News: "There's backroom staff that will challenge his decisions - Steve Bould, Neil Banfield, Terry Burton - but they can't challenge him because he's a dictator in many ways.

"Why isn't Steve Bould doing more coaching? Because - time and time again - I don't think Arsene Wenger sees the danger. When the team are making mistakes he doesn't rectify them, and the reason he doesn't rectify them is he doesn't know what the mistakes are.

"In my view it was time up three or four years ago. The fans have stuck by him, they always say 'in Arsene we trust', that can't be the case anymore."